Don’t Let Them Gaslight You: The Implications of Trump’s 6 January Insurrection Riot as a Flashbulb Memory

Hello CalicoJack. It has always astounded me that people would forget what a politician promised and failed to do between elections. Or the reverse. I remember during the 2018 elections when Republicans were running advertisements and publicly saying they would save the ACA at the same time having voted repeatedly to destroy it. They were in court to have it declared illegal and they were running on keeping it safe. A lot of people seem to completely disconnect the Republicans voting against giving them the assistance they desperately needed, yet voting those same people back into office. I am thinking of McConnell who was voted back into office with a 10 point margin by the very poor people he basically stiff armed. Thanks for this post explaining it for us. Hugs

The Psy of Life

Trump’s insurrection riot was one of the most significant events in American history. It’s one that we should be sure to understand thoroughly because of the wide-ranging repercussions that it will have on our politics and society for an extended period of time. We’ll focus on one aspect of it that, perhaps, few others are discussing: The implications of it being a flashbulb memory in the American psyche. As a flashbulb memory it will be well remembered; and it is vulnerable to manipulation.

Flashbulb Memories

As discussed before on Ye Olde Blogge,a flashbulb memory is a special type of memory that is formed when an event has significant personal importance and strong emotional content. While all of our #COVID19 milestones are important, the frequency of their occurrence numbs us…

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Gaslight You: The Implications of Trump’s 6 January Insurrection Riot as a Flashbulb Memory

  • Scottie, well done. You might appreciate my more satirical post. To me, clearly the former president is guilty of criminal incitement. The fact he has tried to shirk responsibility, as per normal, and his efforts are abetted by several trump toadies, does not alter that assertion. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree. I just don’t want people to buy the blame shifting that is happening right now. I know people who now swear that it was antifa that staged the terrorist insurrection on the 6th. When asked why they would do that I either get nonsense that shows they do not understand what antifa is, or they tell me maga talking points as the reason antifa did it. Weird but people can manage to talk themselves into anything it seems. Hugs

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