5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Bernie Sanders taking his gloves off and the budget….

  • I had no idea that things were so complex in the US. Correction, I have no idea how things like this happen here either. Was a really good video – clear and concise. I hope Bernie Sanders gets that stimulus through because it’s /needed/ so badly.

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    • Hello Meeka. In the US we have a political party that is paid by the upper wealthy class to make sure that government serves the wealthy upper class but never works for the lower worker class. The wealthy business owners want a poor worker class desperate enough to take what ever bad working conditions the employers are willing to give them. Any attempt to use the public treasury to help the public is attacked as socialism or communism and what is really sick is an entire industry of right wing media has developed to reinforce how helping the people is unamerican, and it is paid for by the wealthy! Yet the young conservatives and home schooled Christians now believe it and eat it up. They are lining up to work against their own good based on lies. Hugs

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