Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Hello ShellDigger. Thank you for this post. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to move closer to the Republicans now that we have won so we don’t offend them or destroy the attempt at unity. How dare Democrat Biden undo or not keep a tRump policy. The Democrats wanting to use their win via the more votes of the people to promote left policies is being radical socialist according to the Republicans. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to mind the feelings of the right, don’t pick on tRump now, he lost already so be nice Republicans cry out. The Republicans claim the left are snowflakes but I have never seen such whining and crying as the right has done since the election. To make everything worse all the things they ignored during tRump’s wild ride they suddenly claim are principles they hold dear and must make a stand on. At this point I think the Republicans have a lot to prove. Hugs

Evidence Based Reality

Our new president wasn’t even inaugurated yet, and the R party was winnowing about their desire, that the D’s should just ignore the last four years, as if it had been full of bunny rabbits, rainbows, and butterflies. As if it wasn’t dominated by a wanna be dictator, fully endorsed by the R House and Senate. The entire four years was one ignominious fiasco after another. Ignoring the constitution, defying court ordered decrees and subpoenas, the silencing of accomplices either through firing them or pardoning them, perfect phone calls one of which resulted in the first impeachment. Let’s not forget kids in cages. Parents deported. Environmental standards tossed by the wayside. Hundreds of thousands dead by incompetence. I could go on and on, but I don’t have the time. Just a never ending shit show by a shit for brains orange idiot, and as I said, whose actions were fully…

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