New World Order

Hello Spartan Atheist. Thank you for this well written essay. I enjoyed reading it. Hugs

The Spartan Atheist

(And why terrorists stormed the Capitol)

There is a particular bit of stupidity that I’ve become increasingly aware of as of late. It isn’t that I’ve never heard of it, but it’s been floating into my Facebook feed either directly or indirectly with more frequency. It is the idea that there is a subversive plot to consolidate power under a single totalitarian regime, called the New World Order.

But more importantly, it is absolutely stupid conspiracy theories like this that most recently fueled the fire of terrorist mobs to breach the United States Capitol building. And I understand the anger. I understand American citizens who would defy totalitarianism. I too would be grossly enraged if over half of my fellow countrymen and women voted to give up US sovereignty to an oppressive world regime.

The difference between me and that bunch of terrorist assholes, though, is I know it’s all…

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4 thoughts on “New World Order

  • Very good, indeed.
    My town has some of those inspirational militiamen. They drive around with Old Glory and the old stars and bars flying from their pick-up truck beds and the rear window full of assault rifles.

    I recall another group of militiamen driving their pickups through Iraq with their flags flying behind them. They were also driven by religious piety. They also accused everyone of doing what they were doing; destroying their country and their religion.

    The Spartan mentioned the process of a nation coming under the control of a religion. Any religion. And one thing the Christian Nationalists have as their ultimate goal is to have the world under Christian dominion. They think their Christ cannot or will not return until they can present to him a perfect domain.

    Most of the GOP legislators argue that Trump cannot be impeached after leaving office. Well, he was impeached a second time while he was still a half-assed president. (Naw. Not even half.) I cannot understand what they hope to gain by installing him as their dictator. Haven’t they seen how he rewards everyone who serves him?

    People are strange. People who follow Trump are very strange. Two of my sisters-in-law are afraid to get the covid vaccine. One of them worries that it will hurt her and the other thinks we are getting a microchip implanted. My wife and I are in the 75+ flight and we got ours today. I told her that when they ask her about it to tell them the only thing she noticed is that beep-beep coming from her shoulder. I have no doubt she will do it.

    Thanks, Scottie for reposting that. I believe this is the first time I’ve read anything from the Spartan Atheist. I’ve got to check it out. Hugs.

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    • Hello Cagjr. On the vaccine and tracking chips, other than asking people how different that is from their phones or atm / credit cards ask them how with 6 doses per vial, how do the nurses make sure they only get the one tracking chip sucked up in the needle and not the other five that go to the other doses? I am tired of these people not thinking about what they spew.

      I have a huge problem with people flying the confederate battle flag that I am not afraid to take up with them. I served two tours in the US military and agreed to the IRR. I took an oath for each to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic. The confederacy was a domestic enemy. They attacked the US nation and tried to overthrow the US government. That is not loving your country that is holding to a group that attacked your country. It really steams me. I am willing to take that up with any yahoo who wants to claim that they love the US and still fly that flag.

      As for the Christian Nationalist, I wonder why they think their god is so weak. Really all I hear is they have to fight against this or that, they have to make sure this or that doesn’t happen because god doesn’t want it or god won’t come back if it happens? Why worship a god that you claim is all powerful that demands you do all its work? Again it makes no sense unless the god is simply your desires and not really anything else.

      Be well. Hugs

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