8 thoughts on “King reacts to McCarthy and Trump meeting: This tells you everything you need to know about the GOP

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Yes and that describes the décor of the room tRump and McCarthy were in also. Seriously what do we have to do to keep tRump out of politics? A stake through the heart and garlic? Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. I was just replying to Jeff that same thought. I asked if we would need a stake through the heart and a bunch of garlic so he would be kept out of politics? It is scary how at the same time Republicans in congress are telling people no need for a Senate trial because tRump is gone, yet the leading Republican’s in the House goes to gain favor from tRump in person and the hate mongering Q supporting Democrat hating gun carrying violence loving is protected from censure due to tRump liking her you know tRump still carries a hell of a lot of power. Far too much power. I wonder how this will end, in bloodshed? Hugs


      • The actual and true end will be when tRump has taken his last breath and been “laid to rest.” His progeny will undoubtedly try to take advantage of his notoriety, but I don’t think they will succeed because they’ve really only been able to do things in their father’s shadow.

        P.S. I do like the stake and garlic idea!!

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  • It is what it is! Gloria is absolutely correct. Trump doesn’t care about getting Republicans elected. My guess is that he despises Republicans. He cares only about one thing–his one great love: Donald J. Trump, and he obviously played McCarthy like a fiddle.

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    • Hello Paul. Yes tRump still has the Republican party leaders in a bind. They are desperate for his base or at least for the base not to primary them. That means keeping tRump happy. If they had not worked so hard to radicalize their voters they may not be having this issue. But for decades they have driven their voters to frenzies by attacking the others. Now they couldn’t become the others if they don’t kneel to tRump. Hugs


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