41 minutes of fear

This is the video that was at the Washington post article. I think if possible you should watch it. There is no way these people should be let off, and that includes tRump and his Republican cohorts. Hugs



3 thoughts on “41 minutes of fear

  • Anyone that has even the slightest inkling that many (most?) of these people weren’t riled up and ready to do harm is totally and completely brainwashed by Republican (Trump) rhetoric.

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    • Hello Nan. Ron watched that and said the people were crazy and out of their minds. They had become a very violent dangerous mob that would have torn any perceived enemy lawmaker apart had they found one. Plus some actions were taken that are just as scary, like the deliberate destruction of the panic button system in one of the Muslim congresswoman’s office. AOC said she and her people wouldn’t go with officers herding other lawmakers to the tunnels because she felt threatened by those other law makers. She suspected they were armed and would harm her. This is not a functioning advanced democracy, it is a banana republic. Hugs

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      • Unfortunately, the anger and desire to do harm is contagious. And it grows exponentially as more and more strike out. Anyone who doesn’t see/accept that is in extreme denial.

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