6 thoughts on “America’s Prescription Drug Cartel

  • I didn’t watch it all … too depressing. I just feel EXTREMELY fortunate that I have good health. To suffer from multiple and/or severe ailments that require beaucoup medications is most certainly a terrible way to spend a person’s limited time on this earth — and then to have these a-holes that are the REASON behind the high prices of medicine and drugs try to DEFEND their millions??!?! 😤😠

    Katie Porter is a WONDERFUL addition to Congress! Wish we had more like her.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree. I wish there were more of Porter in congress, but you have to look at her real life experience that made her the person she is. A single mother who knows how hard it is in the country to survive and try to thrive in the US. If more of these wealthy assholes understood that, lived that, maybe they wouldn’t be so much in a rush to harm the lower incomes. Hugs

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  • Katie Porter is the most aggressive legislators in both chambers. Why these a**holes want to sit down in front of her, seemingly without any preparation, is beyond understanding.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I think it is ego and male superiority complex. They think they must be smarter than her because they have more money and work in the private sector with lots of authority. Also she is a woman so they think she must be less sharp and far to emotional to question a man. Boy do they get an eye opening after an ass whopping. Hugs


  • I don’t think we can single out one party for allowing the pharmaceuticals free reign with their price-fixing. I always remember one incident when this subject comes up. When Dubya was president the legislation was passed to create the Part D to Medicare. They added a stipulation that the SS Administration would not be allowed to negotiate drug prices. The only reason it was added was that the lobbyists wanted it in the bill for an obvious reason: they could name their own prices

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    • Hello Cagjr. Maybe there are some in the Democratic party that are owned by corporations. But historically it is the Republican party that stops any effort to give lower cost health care to the people. The Republicans led by Chuck Grassley assisted by Joe Leberman killed any public option in the ACA. In his book Obama finally asked Grassley what he could do / change in the ACA to get his vote and Grassley laughed and said nothing. The Republicans simply did not care about the people but do really love corporate donations. I think the people who insisted that the SS not try to get discount prices thought if the government costs rose too high then the program could be repealed, which is what they wanted. Hugs


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