12 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Biden’s administration is getting a lot done, nice to have adults who want more than to graft in charge

  • Scottie, so true. It is also quite nice to not have to hear the former president’s inane rants or have his people try to explain them away, only to have him double down on said rant two days later. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I worry about the explosion of tRump crap and media after the Senate trial. I have read repeatedly he is laying low so as not to anger any Senators, but as soon as they vote to acquit him he will be back to bombastic tRump. Hugs


      • Scottie, it matters not what sets him off, the former president will be bombastic as it is in his nature. He just lost his legal team who know they cannot lie for the former president and litigate his fraudulent election claims. Purposefully lying under oath is a crime. If Trump testified and lied, they could send him to jail.

        The best thing to do with the former president is to ignore him. Since he does not add value when he talks, there is little reason to listen his blathering. Keith

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        • Problem is … he’s pretty hard to ignore when the press continues to keep him in the news. Granted, not as much since he’s no longer “in charge,” but there’s little doubt the impeachment trial will put him in the forefront. Again.

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          • Hello Nan. Once he feels it is safe again, he will feel driven to put himself on every media that will have him. He made over 86 million in less than two months in donations claiming the election was stolen. Some say the total was over 200 million between him and the RNC. So as cash strapped as trump is that means he will resort to what he knows works with the minimum effort on his part, while giving him the admiration he requires. I see him being a cross between Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. Hugs

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        • Hello Keith. As long as Republican congressional leadership kowtows to tRump he will remain powerful. Take Greene, she is basically untouchable by McCarthy because she is supported by tRump. Publicly. That makes her the one really in charge. That is scary to think on.

          tRump understands his grifting / graft about the election made in 86 million in less than two months. That is not a bad haul. He wanted to keep it coming in. Arguing constitutional arguments doesn’t excite his base to send money, stealing the election from him does. Hugs


  • Scottie, I don’t know. Sometimes it is hard to hide being what Nicholas Kristof called being a “kook.” The poll numbers belie something else that is occurring – the Trump party has run off more than a few Republicans after 1/6/20. Keith

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      • Hello Keith. Ya, I automatically read it as 1-6-2021 and I think most people did. The human mind tends to work things like that out. The bad part is that makes it hard to proof read for typos. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. Yes I have been reading about that. Nearly 5 thousand in Colorado alone. But then again McCarthy is all snuggling up to tRump again. So it is hard for me to decide, is tRump a threat to the Republicans getting elected or not? Hugs


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