4 thoughts on “The Minimum Wage Debate Explained

  • The Gilded Ages’ most reprehensible tycoon, Jay Gould, once said, “I can hire one-half the working class to kill the other half.”

    We have returned to the same conditions as in the nineteenth century. There are great benefits to owners in keeping the working class fighting each other while struggling to earn a living. They foment dislike between races, religions, and economic standing.

    In their support for capitalists, legislators have intentionally removed all protection for the labor force. The National Labor Relations Board, founded as a neutral arbitrator in industry/labor relations has now become a tool for industry/capitalists to subvert workers rights

    Thanks, Scottie. I will post this in another discussion on the same subject.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes you are correct. Thank you. I think the pendulum must be forced at least to the middle, the true middle and then forced some more to the left. Most of the country is in the real middle which is socially left. Not fully progressive but socially really wanting equality and living wage, recreational marijuana, police and justice reform. These are not radical left ideas. Even free college and education assistance for advanced degrees is supported by the majority. Basically the people of the country want less stress and more enjoyment in living, not a constant struggle to live. Hugs


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