10 thoughts on “For Jill

    • Hello Brother. Thanks for the article, I will read it in the morning. I hope you are well. I have been getting somewhat stronger lately. Have to go for blood work this week. Just realized my skype is shut off for some reason. I don’t know if you are aware of Jill’s blog? She writes some really engaging posts. She wrote some snarky things dealing with people who call everything Democrats want to do socialism, so I posted this for her. Here is the link. Hugs



      • Hi my Brother,
        For some reason my skype keeps shutting off also.
        It was Beau’s post that brought my attention to the story, and I see you have that posted. He started speaking on it and I realized I had no idea to what he referred. I don’t envy any cop their job. But wow. That was difficult to watch.
        I sure hope the vampires find what is causing you trouble. I will have to get to Jill’s blog later.
        Sending hugs

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        • Hello Randy. Ron and I are starting to have more energy. I only go back to bed once a day now. Still sleeping 12 hours at a time. Drinking a lot of coffee in the afternoon to get up and stay up. Several people think Ron and I are having the aftereffects of Covid. We both got sick, thought we had a flu and for weeks I kept telling Ron I just did not feel well. We both also had confusion and other symptoms. Be well brother. Hugs


        • Hello Randy. I wanted to tell you how to have Skype auto start with the computer. Hold the Microsoft / start button and the R key at the same time to get a run box. Then type shell:startup then drag the skype icon from your start menu to the new open start up folder. Now every time you start the computer Skype will also start. Hugs and loves


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