4 thoughts on “Biden is getting things done to help the people and the country, Republicans hate that

  • Scottie, there is an old saying that is more true than not, my former party hates government because they don’t do it very well. Look at the level of competence of the Biden cabinet for what they are governing versus the former president’s. People said Trump would hire good people, but the better ones turned him down and he ran off the good ones he did hire. The highest turnover rate of staff under Trump should have been a red flag, but it also was rationalized away. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. What you wrote is true. Think of the times that Republicans have gotten a lot of power in the minority? That was when they were pulling out all the stops to be obstructionist and bomb throwers starting with Newt Grindrich. On the other hand once they get the congress under their control they still operate like disruptors instead of governors. On the other hand Democrats may be good at governing, but they stink at obstruction or disruption. I think I see a hint that the Democrats are learning some tricks from the Republicans. I also enjoyed that Biden’s people simply changed the framing on bipartisanship to say Republicans needed to come to them, not Biden to the Republicans. Also Biden did not seem to fall for the fake moderate Republicans and their stripped down bill. They kept pulling that on Obama and burned him every time. Biden seems to not be falling for it. Hugs


  • You know, of course, that the primary reason so little was done under tRump’s rule was due to his incessant need to send out Tweets. I mean, c’mon. First things first.

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    • Hello Nan. 😀😁😄😅 You forgot the need to wait for all the highest donors to get their top bids in. No sense letting any legislation / regulation be acted on without getting the best bribe. Hugs

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