Black History Month: The Acerbic Damage of Racism

Hello CALICOJACK . I am constantly amazed at the soft bigotry of racism that people just except because it is not violent or in your face anger. It must not be tolerated for any group. We as a people have had enough time to get our shit together and make racism unacceptable in our societies and communities. It is time that we make racism come with a cost so high as to make it unthinkable. Other than education and familiarity I do not know of any other way to drive racism out so that it never returns. Any suggestions? Hugs

The Psy of Life

February is Black History month! How is that even fair? Black people get a whole month devoted to them, but white people get bupkis — or is that butt kiss, I’m never sure with these things? No matter, we’ll start our celebration of Black History month with a couple of hilarious jokes, so strap in and tickle your funny bone as you prepare to laugh your ass off — wasn’t he just elected to the Senate? See what I mean? It’s just a laugh a minute around here.

How do you get a Black person out of a tree?

Cut the rope!

A viral video forced a wealthy Texas suburb to confront racism. A ‘silent majority’ fought back.

High-larry-us, don’t you agree? How about this one?

Now that Rosa Parks has passed, Black people have to sit at the back of the bus again!

A viral video forced a wealthy…

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