4 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Biden is returning the US to greatness and moving to protect all people with equality under the law

    • Hello Nan. Yes he still thinks he is in charge. He feels vindicated with the Greene vote by the Republicans even though he lost with Cheeney, but the only reason he lost that one was it was a secret vote. That was done so he couldn’t sic his rabid cult followers on anyone to primary them. I seen today that the Democrats want tRump to testify at the impeachment trial. I really hope he does. I was upset that the Democrats did not want witnesses to testify. That was a mistake I think, but they wanted to keep the trial short and Graham was threatening to call more witnesses and drag it out.

      OT. I thought I was getting better. I had four days of just small naps in the afternoon. Then I had two days of sleeping around the clock. Today I got up late, barely able to function, did the roundup and went back to bed until this afternoon. I have drank half a pot of coffee just to get this far. I so want to go back to bed. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. If I can manage it I want to get my blood drawn tomorrow morning. I just realized a few days ago the doctor went back to just the standard labs so the endocrinologist will have to order a whole new set. I have trigger point injections at 8 AM on the 9th, the endo doctor on the 11th, and my primary on the 16th. I hope they find out what is going on. I got the left over taco mix and all the other things out to make tacos for my self for supper, and in just the last few minutes I am simply to tired to eat. hugs


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