3 thoughts on “This is pure racism.

    • Hello Cagjr. Boy she is not alone. So many open racist in the congress, and so many that demonize their opponents in order to inflame hate rather than run on policy.

      Boy tRump’s first lawyer basically ignored what tRump did to focus on waring the Senators of how they would be voted out of office if they vote to convict. He was quite clear on reminding Republicans how much they owed their seats to the people, who wouldn’t be happy with this trial. Then the second lawyer got up and pounded the trial as a true died in the wool tRump supporter echoing all of tRump’s talking points, how the evil Democrats have tried to destroy the grand and great president tRump for all his term, and are trying to bar him from office not because he did anything wrong but because they fear him. The Democrats know they will lose to tRump unless they steal the election and disenfranchises the majority of voters who love and admire tRump. Seriously, his fire and brimstone preacher way of thundering tRump’s greatness and how unfair the entire thing is to him, how hateful the Democrats and how wonderful tRump … it could have been written by tRump if he knew any of the bigger words. Hugs

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