12 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Joe Biden won and this is the right way to frame unity. Republicans need to move more to Biden / Democrats / left and remember that Democrats are in charge.

    • Hello Grog. I love the cartoons and memes. To do the round up I have a a folder with 77 cartoon / meme web pages some that have multiple cartoons on each. I also go through the comment sections of the blogs I go to for news and find some really grand ones. For news memes I have sites like this one https://liberalsarecool.com/ .

      Yes I am still clean shaven, but not sure how long that will continue. But I have let my hair grow out very long. I am simply going to let it grow to see how long it can get. I will post some new pictures soon. Right now I am dealing with unexplained fatigue that is really interfering with my doing anything. How are you doing these days? Hugs

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      • Sorry to hear about the fatigue. Energy levels can change rapidly. It amazes me. We are doing okay. My wife is cutting my hair. She takes it as a challenge. Any sign of vaccine in your area? Here it is a mess. My whiskers, I let grow for a few days and have to shave. Stay safe. GROG

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        • HA! My other-half’s hair is out of control but he won’t let me near him with scissors (of course, I suppose there could be something more there. 😈) Fortunately, he wears a hat most all the time.

          On my last trip to the hairdressers (I HAD to go!), I found out my hairdresser had the virus so she’s no longer a “threat” — which has been a relief.

          Life goes on but it sure will be nice to get back to some semblance or normality!

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        • Hello Grog. I just did my blood work again this morning. Nothing really in them to suggest why I am so tired. Ron has cut my hair for 30 years, one of his professions was hair dresser and he had his own salon. But it has gotten too hard for him, his hands have arthritis and the shake a bit. Last year we decided to just let it grow to see how long it could get before driving me crazy. It did get to one point where I almost cut it. But now I think I will let it go a few years first.

          The vaccine roll out has been a disaster. I live in Florida. So most of the vaccinating is done by Publix. Ron has waited online every couple days for a couple hours but never gets a slot. He is discouraged. But I hear they are going to open it up to drug stores and others soon. I hope there is enough supply. I can not go two days with out shaving any more, it gets to itchy. But if I grow it back again it will be OK, it never bothered me after about a week. But it makes me look 20 years older. Got to go get more coffee and see what I can post for folks. Be well. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Great picks? They do manage to express the situation well don’t they. Yet the maga cults wont see the truth of them. I hope to stay up long enough to post a few more memes tonight. getting very sleepy. Hugs

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  • Good morning, Scottie. I wonder if the fatigue isn’t from stress. I don’t know how you manage these posts with such regularity, but you do it and it’s amazing. Beard or no beard, you are most definitely a force for good.
    I thought once we sent tRump back to Mar-a-Lago, the stress levels would drop accordingly. Well, that hasn’t happened. And we’re still battling Covid. I have about ten favorites with this list of memes. The McConnel/Taylor cartoon is perfect. All of the Taylor cartoons are great. The vaccine cartoon with the rich man rejecting the vaccine while the poor look on is good, but the monopoly vaccine board is too good! Oh, and I have to agree with Nan. The one on Jim Jordan should be on billboards across America.
    Here in Alabama its a crap shoot. I got a phone call from a friend who was told by a friend that I can drive by the health department on Monday, Feb 8, and maybe get a shot. I’m 72, three years shy of the magical 75. So, when I drive to the county health department, I’ll fill out some forms and then they’ll put my name on the LIST. Or, as it happened with him, the lady looked over her shoulder and said, what the hell, nobody’s here. we can give you your shot now. I think whether or not it rains, is the criteria. But we’ll see.

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    • Hello Paul. Did you hear that Rep Richard Shelby is saying he wont run scaring the GOP to bits. See what is bothering me is the people saying that in every future election the Qanon quacks are going to be a larger share of the Republicans elected to office. They say that is why McCarthy is afraid to assert any authority over her. That and tRump has personally championed her.

      I learned long ago that people tend to rise or lower to the level of the people around them. If a person joins a group of people with higher standards they tend to adopt those standards, but if a person joins a group with lower standards they tend to adopt the lower standards.

      If right now 23% to 34% of the Republican party are tRump cult follower and Qanon believers that vote lockstep in primaries they will drive the gerrymandered Republican districts to their view. More and more crazy and rejecting reality. Then you have to deal with a block of Qanon caucus the same way the Republicans have to deal with the freedom caucus and the former Tea Party Republicans that they sprang from. In every evolution the far right got more unreasonable and farther right wing.

      My hope is the Republican party will split. The classic Republicans vs the Qanon Republicans / tRump Republicans. The country needs at least two parties if not even more. But if the party does splinter they need to undo the gerrymandering first or they wont ever win again. But my real fear is the crazy wing of the right will drive the entire Republican party farther to the right and off the crazy cliff. Then we will have a minority crazy Qanon party and a majority Democratic party that has to deal with them. Hugs


    • Hello ShellDigger. One of the things I like most about tRump being off social media, especially twitter, is I can post non-political cartoons and memes. Some are on subjects I also like to poke fun of like organized religion and others are just funny to me. I am glad I found some you enjoyed. Best wishes. Hugs


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