2 thoughts on “A damn good question

  • Well, you couldn’t do accounts standing up and you couldn’t clean the windows sitting down.It’s akin to saying why do some people get to work with nature while we’re stuck in the office. It’s all to do with skill sets how you are paid, not to do with how you stand. The big question should be, How does that idiot with the two hour, expense account, booze laden lunches get paid more than the two of us together?

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    • Hello David. At first you had me going, I thought you did not get the cartoon. Then at the end you summed it up perfectly. 😀😄😃

      What burns me is the elected congress people in the US who have stayed in the job far longer than they should have in their 80’s saying that the retirement age should be raised on people who do use their bodies and do not have a support staff to do their work for them. Hugs


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