2 thoughts on “POLITICO: It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism

    • Hello Nan. Yes very. There have been people like Cagjr trying to warn us the problem is much worse than we understood. I have seen the evangelicals get much more militant and demanding over the last three years. Really before tRump they ranted / raged but they mostly fund raised. But the last three years they actually tried to get into the bureaucracy and have managed to change policies to shift the secular government to a much more sacred point of view. Now as we see they are willing to take on the US government itself. Look at that nut job lawmaker in your area that wanted to carve out a Christian state, not understanding that would violate the constitution it self. Now think of the Jan 6 terrorist action at the capital. Thos people brought a large cross to erect, they stopped for prayer before, during and in the very chambers of government they were ransacking. So yes I think we have to accept that religion has gotten out of control, and gotten to be a threat. For example look at all the anti-maskers using religion as a reason not to wear a mask. One refrain is god created us to not hide our face, or the breath of god shouldn’t be restricted. Well god created our butts also but we cover them with out a fuss.

      Well I tried hard to stay up, but I have to go to bed. I napped this afternoon and I wanted to post some stuff, but I just can not do it. It is not just being so tired, but it is the thinking, I find my self struggling to stay on subject, I find my self just petting the cat and time has passed I was not doing anything, I realize my other monitor has stopped playing and I don’t remember what was on it or when it stopped. Oh well this will pass, I am better today than two days ago , but we went over my abs and nothing stood out to Ron and I, they were better than they have been before. Hugs

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