REPORT: Trump Plots Revenge Tour Against GOP Reps

I told you that after the Senate trial he would roar back. I hope he stays banned on social media. Hugs

The Insider reports:

A Donald Trump comeback tour is in the works once he’s beyond a second Senate impeachment trial, Insider has learned. That’s the strategy emerging out of Mar-a-Lago, the Trump-owned private club in South Florida where the former president now lives. Trump and his small post-White House team are holed up there planning out potential trips to campaign against Republicans who voted in support of his removal from office, according to 6 people close to the former president.

If Trump does indeed hit the road, Republicans familiar with the plans told Insider that Trump’s targets are expected to center around the 10 House Republicans who voted for his impeachment last month like two-term Rep. Anthony Gonzalez. A former NFL wide receiver, Gonzalez represents a Northern Ohio district where Trump won handily in 2020. The ex-president has also been eyeing any Republican senators who cross him.

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6 thoughts on “REPORT: Trump Plots Revenge Tour Against GOP Reps

  • That man is so full of revenge it’s downright scary! And what makes it EXTRA disturbing is that he’s created such an atmosphere of FEAR, people are afraid to stand up to him and this makes it easier for him to accomplish his goals.

    One would think that since he’s no longer in office, his influence would wane. Unfortunately … NOT SO!

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    • Hello Nan. I agree with you. I think they only thing keeping tRump’s power in the party in check is his loss of social media. On that topic did you see he was trying to blackmail Parlor into giving him an ownership stake in the company to join … as president? Wonder what other companies he tried to blackmail?

      As for tRump / Qanon taking over the party my worry is it will take over the entire party. Even Greene claims the Republican party is tRump party, the party of tRump only! By McCarthy giving her a pass and by over a third of the Republican House members giving her a standing ovation, the whack job side of the party has taken over. McConnell is trying to push back but he is losing the fight to control the party. It is a very worrying time because as we have seen that these people are willing to use violence. Hugs

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  • Scottie, this would be in accordance with his modus operandi. He is an enemies list keeper. We cannot lose sight that Richard Nixon was an enemies list keeper. It takes courage for these ten representatives and the five senators to stand up to such a vindictive person and his sycophants. The former president would not know courage if he tripped over it. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree with you. How did you feel about the “present” vote on the Liz Cheeney secret vote? That took real courage didn’t it. That person should never get to vote on US laws. I am worried about McCarthy giving in to Greene and that a third of the Republican caucus gave her a standing ovation. I think McConnell has lost the party to tRump / Qanon. I understand the country needs at least one ( or more ) opposition party to the one in charge, but I am convinced that the Classic Republicans have lost the fight over the party name. I think the Lincon project needs to really think on what to do next party wise. Hugs


      • Scottie, I did not know that the Cheney vote was in private, while the Greene vote was in public. That is the reason for the results. I do think many GOP legislators believe as Adam Kinzinger does, but have little backbone to say it publicly. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. But that raises the point if they don’t have the courage for that vote, how do we expect them to stand up for the country to a foreign agents threats. How can we trust them. They shouldn’t have that office. And on the others that incited the terrorist riots and suggested violence against their co-workers, where out side of congress can you do that and still keep your job? Any other place of employment you would be fired or banned asap for any hint of threats against a fellow worker or refusal to follow work procedures such as walking through a metal detector to enter the work floor. Hugs


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