A School Board Candidate is Being Smeared Over Her Sex-Themed Science Videos

In British Columbia, biology professor and science communicator Dr. Carin Bondar is running for Chilliwack School Board trustee on a platform that emphasizes inclusivity, respect for diversity, and — naturally — scientific literacy. She’s an accomplished professional who’s written multiple popular science books, hosted television and web series, and founded a charity to help support women working in STEM fields. She has experience working with students and herself has four children in Chilliwack schools.

But she’s a lady who talks about sex, and that’s made her a target for the conservative men who are currently steering the board… and the conversation.


Conservative groups have made much of the fact that Bondar’s field of specialization, by her own proud admission, is animal sexuality. Her Facebook page calls her “the world’s foremost expert on animal sex” and her web series Wild Sex — aimed at an adult audience interested in learning more about science — has been known to feature salty language, slinky dresses, giant dildos, and references to Fifty Shades of Grey.

It also features serious scientific information presented in a fun, often humorous format using everyday language for the lay viewer, but none of that is apparent in the video compilation her detractors are circulating on Vimeo, bearing the sneering title “Carin Bondar for Trustee Highlight Reel.” (The video has since been removed from the site.)

In case that didn’t make it apparent that the conservative contingent aims to discredit Bondar by sexualizing her, they made their objections even clearer earlier this week, posting a roadside billboard to publicly smear Bondar.




The billboard depicted a still image of Bondar lying on her back, dressed in a white tank top and matching underpants. Superimposed text asks the viewer: “Carin Bondar: Is this your child’s idea of a school trustee?”

The image comes from a video she made in early 2014 — seven years ago — entitled “Organisms Do Evolve,” a parody of Miley Cyrus‘ hit song “Wrecking Ball.” Bondar replicates some of Miley’s original imagery with tongue firmly in cheek: reading On the Origin of Species atop a pile of bricks, sensually licking a microscope, and showing off a hand-drawn Darwin fish tattoo.

It’s certainly not beyond the social conservatives to attribute malice and menace to anybody who so much as admits knowing what sex is, but given the composition of the current Board of Trustees, one can’t help but wonder if maybe the science is the problem.

Just over two years ago, the city of Chilliwack elected Creationist Darrell Furgason to the Chilliwack School Board in spite of his record as a Young Earth Creationist whose Worldview Studies Center teaches anti-evolution apologetics and calls it “critical thinking.”

Then there’s Barry Neufeld, a veteran of the Chilliwack School Board, who’s been extremely public in his opposition to the LGBTQ-inclusive SOGI 123 curriculum. He’s disregarded widespread calls for his resignation, even after provincial Education Minister Rob Fleming took him to task for speaking at an anti-LGBTQ rally.

Fergason and Neufeld don’t appear to bear any responsibility for the billboard itself. But they undeniably own a role in the tone of discourse that makes smearing a woman’s sexuality an acceptable tactic. They’ve whipped up a frenzy in an extremely sex-negative portion of the population that takes everything Bondar stands for beyond the realm of polite discussion, characterizing it as a danger to children.

The end result is this: a smear campaign predicated on the idea that a woman can be credible or sexual — never both — and on the idea that moral rectitude somehow rests on pretending that sex doesn’t exist.

But the culprit’s exact identity remains a mystery. Text on the billboard attributed it to a group calling itself “Coalition of Concerned SD33 Parents”… but there’s no officially registered group with that name, and they did not post any of the legally required identifying information, like who paid for the ad and which campaign — if any — endorsed it. Nobody asked the landowners’ permission before erecting the billboard, and no witnesses have come forward.

Elections BC is looking for leads; this is a serious violation of electoral bylaws. If a culprit is identified, they could face a $2,000 fine or possible jail time.

Bondar isn’t the only one who’s been targeted for special vitriol during the campaign period. Fellow candidate Adam Suleman says his signs have been vandalized, with racist social media messages leading him to conclude that “this is what happens when a brown man decides to run in a Chilliwack School Board by-election.”

Only in the hideous backwards world of the Religious Right could a school-board by-election create this much hideous drama and vitriol.

In conversation with reporters from NEWS 1130, Bondar says she expected better of the adults responsible for Chilliwack’s educational policy:

How is this setting an example for our students if we’re acting this way? It’s just not good enough. I also wonder what kind of message this might send to other women thinking of entering public office. It’s not what one would expect in an electoral campaign where we are making it about the issues and about the kids.

Unless, of course, your primary concern about the kids is that they remain obedient to your church’s interpretation of an ancient religious text.

6 thoughts on “A School Board Candidate is Being Smeared Over Her Sex-Themed Science Videos

  • The modus operandi of the church has not changed since its earliest days. This explanation of Christian dogma is about three hundred years old, but it is a good description, for all times.

    From the most remote period theology alone regulated the march of philosophy. What aid has it lent it? It changed it into an unintelligible jargon, which only had a tendency to render the clearest truth uncertain; it converted the art of reasoning into a science of words; it threw the human mind into the aerial regions of metaphysics, where it unsuccessfully occupied itself in sounding useless and dangerous abysses. For physical and simple causes, this philosophy substituted supernatural causes, or, rather, causes truly occult; it explained difficult phenomena by agents more inconceivable than these phenomena; it filled discourse with words void of sense, incapable of giving the reason of things, better suited to obscure than to enlighten, and which seem invented but to discourage man, to guard him against the powers of his own mind, to make him distrust the principles of reason and evidence, and to surround the truth with an insurmountable barrier.

    baron d’ Paul Henri Thiry Holbach. Superstition In All Ages (1732) / Common Sense (Kindle Locations 2738-2745).

    from the mss of Fr. Jean Messlier

    Christians describe Islam as being oppressive and ‘un-godly’ while they practice the same behavior. Religion only survives by keeping its believers ignorant.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Science always manages to push god further in to the smaller recesses of reality, yet never has God been found to be a better explanation of anything than science. Yet the religious leaders claim it is and try to force myth and legend into public schools to repeat the indoctrination they already give their church schooled kids. Hugs


  • Scottie, very original. One of the shortcomings of religions is to restrict exposure to non-conforming influences. As a result, learning is hampered. Quite simply, when religions practice exclusivity, by words or actions, it is self-fulfilling toward that entity’s demise. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I think it depends on how restrictive the group gets. For example if they keep the majority group like white heterosexuals, they can get away with excluding everyone else. Same with Republicans and their shrinking tent. Until the majority demographics are changes, which is what is happening to both religion and Republicans. Which is why both groups are trying to enshrine their doctrines into law and to gain favoritism for their group. They are trying cling to power in anyway possible. what bothers me is as they fade away they get more radical and more frantic to color everyone not following their doctrines / rules with the most vile of attacks. Look at the attacks on drag queen reading hours at local libraries. From the way the Republicans / evangelicals talk about it you would think it was organized sexual orgies with little kids done in the open. No looking at reality or other peoples views but out right attempts to villainize and smear a group of people with the most vile accusations not based on reality but instead on their religious fantasies. Hugs


      • Scottie, what appears to be growing are these prosperity churches which preach it is OK to have a lot of money as God is favoring you. On the flip side, I see a lot of churches which preach fear as the reason to be good as truly dying off. Many of these churches have had to merge with others or offer up their halls to ESL churches. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I read an interesting bit today that claimed that now the evangelical / Evangelicalism is now the largest majority of the Christian sects.

          Evangelicalism, evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement.

          I know that the anti-LGBTQ+ haters of the most rabid churches went to developing nations to try to enshrine hateful bigoted laws in those countries to try to prevent any positive situations for LGBTQ+. Scott Lively was behind the Ugandan kill the gays bill. They have been banned from most of the more developed countries, but they seem well practices at using the less developed ones. Hugs


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