AR Lawmakers Pass Bill Forcing Women to Call “Pro-Life” Hotline Before Abortion

Another case of a male Christian forcing his god view on others especially women. Hugs

In case you’re wondering what Republicans do when they have total control of a state legislature and no actual desire to make anyone’s lives better, just look to Arkansas. The State Senate just passed a bill, HB 1195, which would force women seeking an abortion to call a hotline and speak with someone whose only goal is to talk them out of the abortion.

The State House passed the bill earlier this week, so it awaits the Republican governor’s signature. It’s sponsored by State Rep. Jim Dotson (below), who hopes the bill will reduce abortion rates. But his method of doing that isn’t to provide more financial support to people living in poverty, or fight for contraception access, or support affordable healthcare, or do anything meaningful.



He thinks women are too stupid to make decisions for themselves and they need more obstacles in their path.

Dotson isn’t a smart man, obviously. So he has no way to pay for this hotline he wants to create. He just assumes it’ll be taken care of despite the multi-million dollar cost.

Dotson told the House on Monday that the legislation would cost $1.2-1.5 million, based on similar programs in other states.

The Health Department, however, told a legislative committee last week that it would cost between $4-5 million to develop and fund the hotline and connection to services.

The bill itself does not include any funding for the Health Department to create the hotline, nor does it fund the creation or expansion of any services for pregnant women or mothers.

He hasn’t thought through how to pay for his unnecessary blockade. But he did include a passage in the bill that would fine doctors $5,000 if they perform a legal abortion without first verifying that the woman called the hotline.

Dotson is a Christian who thinks his role in the state legislature is to advertise his faith wherever he goes. It’s never surprising when someone who broadcasts his faith also uses his power to hurt women.

15 thoughts on “AR Lawmakers Pass Bill Forcing Women to Call “Pro-Life” Hotline Before Abortion

  • I like to think of Jesus as having occasionally enjoyed a belly-shaking laugh over a good, albeit clean, joke with his disciples, rather than always being the stoically serious type of savior.

    I find even greater hope in a creator who has a great sense of humor rather than foremost a fire-and-brimstone bad temper.

    I sometimes wonder how many potential Christians have felt repelled from the faith altogether due to the vocally-political and angry-God-condemnation brand of the religion, perhaps which more resembles the God of the Jehovah’s Witness faith, Quran and Torah.

    Our collective human need for retributive ‘justice’—regardless of Christ (and great spiritual leaders) having emphasized unconditional forgiveness—may be intrinsically linked to the same unfortunate morally-flawed aspect of humankind that enables the most horrible acts of violent cruelty to readily occur on this planet.

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    • Hello fgsjr2015. You make some good points. But as someone who went to a church boarding school and lived in the boys dorm, I think Jesus hanging around with a bunch of other guys not only enjoyed clean jokes, but loved some double entendre and possibly a down right dirty joke occasionally. Call it a guilty pleasurer.

      When religion goes from communicating with god to controlling the congregation, there is a clear problem of priorities. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. In reading the article I picked up on the fact that there was no mention of any assistance to the pregnant women, no assistance if the child is born, nothing but forcing someone to do his will to call someone and be forced to listen to a “sermon” about how bad they are and more demands on what they need to do to please a god they may not even follow. This is not for the betterment of anyone, but it is entirely about control over the woman. Full control, you will call this number even if you do not have a phone or you pay for phone calls by the minute. No help for that either. It is simply adding more burdens on to someone at a very bad point in their life. It is about condemnation not concern. I am getting more and more angry thinking about this self righteous prick who feels entitled to force other people to what he thinks his god wants, which admits he is trying to please his god who is powerless more than trying to make things better. Hugs


      • … this self righteous prick who feels entitled to force other people to what he thinks his god wants

        This pretty much sums up a large majority of evangelical Christians.


  • Part of me thinks lack of funding for the hotline might be intentional. He might be trying to create an impossible duty for women. If they can’t call the hotline, they can’t legally obtain an abortion.

    This bill is a classic example of legislatures placing an undue burden on a woman’s right to access healthcare. Even with a conservative US Supreme Court, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine justices striking this law down once it wends its way through state and federal legal systems.

    I wonder if legislatures would keep doing this if doctors threatened to take action or every pregnant woman threatened to raise their children as Democrats.

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    • Hello Sirius Bizinus. Thank you, you have a far better understanding of the legal areas than I do. As I replied to Nan this bill struck me as all about controlling women and making them less than full citizens. You must do something a man will never have to do and we wont offer any help but only commendation for your life choices. I know people who use only pay as you go phones, it is wrong to ask them to pay minutes to call such a hot line if all it is for is to keep them on the line to wear them down enough to change their minds. I think it is also about forcing a minority religious morality onto everyone, because if this woman had a belief in his god she would be able to talk to fellow church people / leaders and would already know how his god thinks. So he is trying to reach people not living by his belief in a biblical moral code to force them to do so. That is scary to me. Be well, best wishes. Nice to have your comment. I hope all is OK in your world. Hugs

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      • Hey Scottie, I am fine. I hope everything is going okay with you as well. I don’t get to follow as much as I used to, but I try to stop by when I can.

        You’re right that the bill diminishes women’s worth as citizens, and that it is effectively Christian Sharia Law. Many lawmakers understand this, know what they’re doing will be invalid later on, but do so anyways because it scores points with the base. The same base that can dress up like Chewbacca and storm the Capitol Building.

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        • Hello Sirius Bizinus. Thank you. I understand not being able to go to many blogs. For the last three months I have been suffering from terrible fatigue and hardly able to function. Most days I just want to sleep all the time. It is slowly getting batter now, but this next week I see an endocrinologist to see if they can explain why. I have no clue.

          You use to talk about the efforts to force you back into religion and your church. Are your folks and friends still doing that? You have such a better grasp of religion than I do, what do you think of the Christian Nationalist that got into high government positions during the last administration? Is the situation as dire and problematic as I am reading in a lot of places online? Some of my readers have said this is a last gasp, but I fear it is more like termites in the wood work. Hugs


  • Christianity is a white authoritarian patriarchal government. People like Dotson, and there are hordes of them, act under the assumption that the Pentateuch is the law of the land.

    These are the people who supported the insurrection on 01/06. They do not follow any standard application of that law because all the different movements and denominations have different and fluid interpretations of their scripture. If nothing else works, they simply ignore anything conflicting with their agenda. Including the US constitution.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. Once the major religions get their rights enshrined in laws to rule the actions / thoughts of others, they will start fights between themselves which sect will be the dominate correct one recognized by law as the true religion. Hugs


    • Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes, that is the US, which is fast becoming a religious minority demanding specials rights and hoping a SCOTUS dominated by religious ideologues will give in to them. I would say they are the US Taliban. Hugs


  • May God save us from the evangelicals (says the agnostic).

    What gets me is not just the very badly written bill, but that it passed! A few years ago, Bill Maher did a series on “the stupidest states.” We have a contender!

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    • Hello Somebody with her head on correctly. It is hard to write good laws when you have to make them fit with rules put in place over 2000 years ago. I would like to see a new listings of the most corrupt or badly intended laws introduced. I think if people really knew how much time was wasted on stupid stuff by our elected officials they would demand their pay be cut. Hugs


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