What happened to the Republican Party? They used to claim they were the party of personal responsibility. Now, not so much. It was just two years ago they couldn’t stand to let a member occupy a seat on committees who expressed support for white supremacy. Now? They’ll fight to defend a bigot who believes in crazy conspiracy theories and “liked” calls to murder Congressional Democrats.

Yesterday, freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene defended herself before the House and said she didn’t believe in the crazy stuff she used to peddle. The way she phrased it was, she was “allowed” to believe the Qanon conspiracy.

First off, the Qanon cult is based on the belief there’s a deep state controlling our government of Satanic-worshipping blood-drinking pedophiles, and they’re all Democrats. Their membership consists of politicians and movie stars.

And yesterday, the party of personal responsibility looked the other way when Marjorie…

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8 thoughts on “MyManiac

    • Hello Keith. I doubt it is just a love for tRump. From what I have seen I think the guy has had some type of mental illness or mental breakdown. If he has shareholders I bet they try to restrict his involvement with the company. Hugs

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  • Hi Scottie;
    There is a very strange and discordant disconnect that has come to our collective minds. The blame falls directly on those who push falsehood and division, half-truths and outright lies to those hungry for something different. We now have this anger driven disbelief in anything Washington says provided it’s not the right speaker. It’s sick, it’s an infection and those who are ill are unable to see it.
    I saw this following video and put it in my “favorites” so I wouldn’t lose it. Going to put some music on while I did some much needed house cleaning, I saw this saved and thought to listen. Youtube halted it, saying it was considered offensive by some. I am going to share this video, and I hope someone can tell me why it was classed “offensive”.

    It is: The Love – Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson

    What the hell has happened?


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    • Hello Randy. Sorry for the late reply. I spent most of yesterday afternoon too tired to function and went to bed early, around 5 PM. Thank you for the video. I hope your day yesterday was grand. Stay warm, the weather for your area is horribly cold. Hugs


      • Hi Scottie;
        Yeah, it’s cold!! Single digits, but at least they are on the + side of the 0. I wanted to go further on the comment I made above – and thanks cagjr, I think that must be it.
        If you listen to the people like Hannity, Dobbs, Carlson, Lehran, Pirro, etc., – and I know what you are saying; “what sane person would?” But, that’s the problem! Previously intelligent, decent people began to watch these seemingly smart and “on the pulse of the nation” type of people because they were outside the cabal of the big networks and were fed the most delicious of lies. Republicans have been reflecting those lies of Fox, and Fox has reinforced the lies of the Republicans for so long that their adherents are lost in them. And, they believe they have been lied to by the Democrats. They believe in the whole “fake news” thing. They believe Trump was their guy, that he had their agenda in mind. The kool-aid tastes great.

        I sure hope you feel better soon, Scottie. I worry.


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        • Hello Randy. I am worried also. I am so tired right now I am going to go back to bed as soon as my last new show is over. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this fatigue. Yes Fox News and their ilk stoke peoples emotions releasing an emotional high. By keeping the viewers in a constant state of rising anger / fear they can keep that emotional high soaring. The people begin to crave it. It doesn’t matter anymore if it is true or not , just the outrage and emotional upset. Those people just have to spread that outrage because surely others feel the same as they do, wanting to be as patriotic and save the country they love, right? Why are others not as upset and riled up, don’t you know they are destroying the very things we love!!!!! We must save the country, stop the steal, keep the communist out, and prevent the cities burning down. Never mind no cities burned down, we must prevent it at all costs.

          How to correct that mindset? How to fix that hysteria? I just don’t know brother, we both know people who have gone over the edge, other wise good people who have become unreachable by reason. They did not get to the place they are in by reason so it is hard to reach them with it. A few came to reality when things did not happen they thought would. However some just doubled down and went deeper into the misinformation. Ok, I am going to lay down. Hugs.

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  • I must have missed something. They didn’t even call for blood. They called for love. Maybe because they called out the KKK and other hate groups?

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    • Hello Cagjr. It is great what you can accomplish when you are not pushing hate and consumed by anger, isn’t it. Imagine what the world could be if instead of fighting each other, we really cared for each other and joined to increase the wellbeing of everyone. Hugs


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