8 thoughts on “Ah yes, the party of personal responsibility.

  • Scottie, this is too funny and very on point Of course, then there are the immortal words of GOP Senator John Kyl of Arizona, when a reporter caught him in a lie. Kyl uttered the problem is you mistook my words as the truth. In other words, it is your fault I am lying. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes the problem was being caught out not doing the wrongful act. I am listening to Bruce Castor ramble. I follow news pretty well I thin, and I can not follow him, he is all over the map from himself at 8 to how different and gallant US Senators are. Weird. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. OT. My doctor today wanted to know if I wanted to redo my meds to see if that was making me tired and to get more effective relief. I told her I was OK with the medications I am taking, they never have done this to me before over the years so lets see what the other doctors think is the cause first. I could go right back to bed now and I have only been up a couple hours. Had four cups of coffee so lets see if that energizes me. Hugs


      • Scottie, perhaps you should consider a change in meds. Our bodies DO change over time and things that worked at one point might not be as effective later on. I mean, isn’t it worth a try? Of course overall, it’s best to get more than one opinion/diagnosis. Keep us posted.

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        • Hello Nan. Yes that is true. But while I have to moderate my actions to keep as low level of pain as possible the meds work well for me and are convenient. My doctor loved that at a pain level of 6 today I was so up beat and saying how good I felt. She mentioned she has a lot of patients that would be just the opposite, frantic about needing more relief. We talked about how I have had it worse, I have been through really bad pain that makes my lower regular daily pain able to be dealt with using the medications and moderation of lifestyle. I have gone through three operations on my hips with little to no pain relief because of medical errors and screw ups. I also am a normally up beat happy person, which makes this being so tired such a strange thing. I have only been up about three hours and I am so tired right now I can hardly think. Ron is trying to get me to eat but I really don’t want to. I will let you know what is found. Hugs

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