13 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans believe compromise is they get everything they want and Democrats apologize for not giving in sooner. Republicans are unreasonable obstructionists

    • Hello Polly. Thanks. There was not many political ones to grab, but some really good regular ones. I admit I like not having every cartoon / meme be about tRump and I never have to put him at the top of the page. Hugs

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  • Scottie, now with the second voting machine company bringing lawsuits and requiring the protection of records for discovery, the needed push back on misinformation is getting a heavier punch. Culpability for lying to people must result from this. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Regular people may not be getting the news about these lawsuits but Lou Dobbs got the full force of them. I expect there will be more clamp downs on the false reporting around the election even with hosts like Hannity and Carlson. Hugs

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      • Scottie, most people do not watch or read news choosing to get it from social media or ignore it all together. Sports and entertainment news pepper the air waves. So, my guess is you are correct about them not knowing about the lawsuits. I also believe MAGA fans have no idea how pervasive Donald Trump’s lying is. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. It is sad but true that most people get their news from social media and that “news” may very well be made up crap or misdirection misinformation. I am stunned by it. That is why now when I post a news article I try to include as much as I can so people can see it themselves and not just take my opinion. I do not know the answer, but I do like that tRump being off twitter reduced the misinformation on the election by 70%. I do not like censorship but with people seemingly unable to think critically and to sort out their information I do not know what else would work. Can anything be done? Hugs

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    • Hello Bruce. I love it. We had a greyhound that really was Ron’s dog. She adored him. When he was home at meal time she sat or laid out side of the place people were eating, waiting for her bit. If Ron was not home she sat beside me watching each bite like these dog. Nothing I could say or do would talk her into behaving like she did for Ron. I have never had a cat into human food. I did have one cat who loved cheese and once snuck up on Ron’s sandwich and stole the cheese out of it on him. But that was the only human food he would eat. Hugs

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