2 thoughts on “She took right after her love tRump

    • Hello David. From the republicans I fear only the ones with better natures will be reprimanded. Anyone who stands up for even the smallest bit of decency will pay a price. The party has become thugs with the goal of gaining / keeping power at any costs. I am listening to tRump lawyer Bruce Castor. He is wandering, meandering, babbling everywhere and not really addressing the charges. I follow politics and I can not get much from him. He is simply running out the clock and wearing the Senators down. The only point that he keeps going back to is the fact that Senators and House Reps should fear the reactions of the people in their states as they will lose their jobs. It is a direct threat hidden in all his words. Nothing about the charges or what tRump did but lots of you better remember what got you into office. Also he refers to tRump as President 45, not former president or anything else. Like tRump was still in authority and power. Hugs

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