7 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The US rescue plan needs to be big and quickly approved to help the people. So of course the Republicans are trying to shrink it and slow it down.

    • Hello Nan. There is no doubt tRump had help getting the glove of insurrection to fit well. I am watching the Second tRump attorney. The first one spoke only of how the Senators owed their seats to the people back home who voted for them and they shouldn’t forget that … hint hint vote to convict and lose your seat. This one is all about the Democrats hate tRump and doing this all just for revenge for him daring to be a great and grand president. Oh it doesn’t matter what tRump has done, them horrible Democrats have always tried to bring tRump down, tried to make ups tuff against him for over four years. They hate he was so popular and so great at the presidency, they can not stand the thought of facing him again. They know he will destroy them if they don’t cheat and disenfranchises the voters. I am not making this up, the guy is a rabid tRump Q sounding table thumping pusher of the conspiracy against tRump. No mention of what tRump has done. Just how bad actors the Democrats are. How dare they stain the constitution this way. God he is worse than a fire and brimstone preacher. He must be making tRump so happy. Pure attacks on Democrat’s with no regard for truth. Hugs


      • I had read the potential arguments these jerks would be offering … and it seems that’s exactly what they’re doing. I so wish the Repukes weren’t so damned scared of their positions and would DO THE RIGHT THING!

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        • Hello Nan. Me also, and it worries me how easily cowed our elected officials are. How can we expect them to stand up to foreign governments actions when they can not stand up to a former president and his rabble. Hugs

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          • In Heather’s latest newsletter, this comment:

            And yet, as of right now, no Republicans have signed on to the coronavirus measure. After four years of endorsing Trump’s explosion of the deficit and the national debt, right on cue, the Republican Party has rediscovered the beauty of reducing the deficit. (My emphasis)

            That last past is sooooo right on!! Do as I say, not as I do.

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            • Hello Nan. It goes to my theory that Republican have a motto. The government must always serve the wealthy upper class but must never work for the worker lower class. That is the mandate of the wealthy / cooperate donors and the Republicans do as they are bid. Some Democrats also but to a smaller amount. Right now the donor class is in danger of losing their grip on the country due to the Covid disaster and the Biden win , and that can not be allowed. Hugs

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