Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans are obstructionist in everything that will help the people or the country. Seems they hate democracy and care only for their own power.

Political cartoon.

Make a croc cry

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Political Cartoon U.S. Trump impeachment partisanship

Chris Britt Comic Strip for February 10, 2021

Political Cartoon U.S. trump capitol riot

Impeach tRump lawyers

Signe Wilkinson Comic Strip for February 11, 2021


Loser tRump doesn't pay his bills

Strange Brew Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Political Cartoon U.S. gop trump impeachment

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

GOP parroting tRump

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for February 10, 2021

Whats his face

Political Cartoon U.S. gop censure cancel culture

magic sky clothNationalism

Matt Davies Comic Strip for February 10, 2021

Speed Bump Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Stuart Carlson Comic Strip for February 10, 2021

John Deering Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

I have another doctors appointment this morning.    The endocrinologist.   Hope they can tell me why I am so fatigued.  Be back on after I get home.   Hugs

6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans are obstructionist in everything that will help the people or the country. Seems they hate democracy and care only for their own power.

  • Scottie, how anyone can avoid convicting the former president of sedition and inciting insurrection is beyond me? This should not be a political issue. Any president must be held accountable for being a traitor to the constitution, as this former president is. Seven people are dead because of this person’s enfant terrible behavior. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree, yet we are both wrong. There is no way that these elected officials can honor their oaths and still let tRump off, yet most of the GOP plan to do so. I am listening to the trial with a breaking heart because on my other channel Fox is not even covering it. Hawley is openly mocking the trial with his feet up and reading a book. Paul is doodling while refusing to wear a mask. Republicans like Graham and Gingrich are going on Fox and telling a complete fabrication with no attempt to stick to reality. The Republicans have stopped even pretending to tell the truth, now they are full into fictional happenings. Gingrich accused Pelosi of causing the riot. I am tired of these people thinking they can be elected representatives of our country. This is no longer just about tRump, it is about everyone of the Republicans that cling to their seat by denying to hold him accountable. Arizona just voted to let the state legislature change the votes of the people to suit the party’s needs. WTF. Have we really lost the democracy we thought we had? Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Sorry about the political cartoons, but they represent the topics talked about everywhere in our country so I post what I can find.

      I had a good talk with the doctor. We hashed out a bunch of stuff. We had a sort of meeting of the minds. He thinks it is something no one has suggested yet, and it does fit most of the symptoms. He thinks I have sleep apnea. He is going to do a lot of labs I have to have done next week, because it also could be other things like my thyroid, but he really thinks it is the sleep apnea. He thinks my body is starved for oxygen, he described it as that someone is
      holding a pillow over my face as I sleep, enough to block air but not enough to wake me. Well I have often mentioned waking up with one of the cats doing that, now the other ones has tried to do it twice, but it maybe I am not getting enough O2. He has given me a few gallons of labs to do and also referral to a sleep specialist in case the labs don’t show anything different. Hey do you think my cats are trained assassins? 😺😸🙀😻

      OT. If you are tired of politics I bet you are not watching the impeachment trial. I am off and on as I can and it is really discouraging the Republicans that are openly mocking the proceedings on Fox and in the champers. With Howley reading a book with his feet propped up in the gallery not even in his seat, to Graham saying what an insult and offence the Democrats doing this is, and then you have Rand Paul doodling. These people shouldn’t be Senators and this really upsets me what they are doing. Gingrich saying on Fox that Pelosi inspired the terrorist riot. So much more it is sickening. Fox news was not even covering it last night. So those tRumpest don’t even know. Hugs


      • Sleep apnea, huh? Who woulda’ thought? Not me. It shall be interesting to see how all the lab tests turn out. I going to bite my tongue regarding the cat …

        No, I’m not watching the impeachment proceedings, but I do know what’s going on. I’ve read the various and sundry articles and commentaries about it — as well as the things you have written. I probably shouldn’t be pessimistic, but I tend to think it’s a done deal. The Repukes simply aren’t going to vote to convict. The ONLY way it would happen is through secret voting — and that’s never going to happen.

        So to watch and/or listen to and/or read about the proceedings is just too depressing.

        Keep us posted on your condition! I truly hope things get back to normal … the sooner, the better!

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        • Hello Nan. Even Ron was set back when I told him what the doctor said. He had not thought of that either in all his research and being one who has sleep apnea also. Don’t worry Ron doesn’t let Odie sleep on my pillow like we did Milo, when Odie sleeps next to me he is OK, but if Ron sees him move up to my face Ron pushes him back down the bed. But Odie is 30 pounds, Milo was 12. I admit I miss the cat company, the warmth, the pressure, the body pressed against me. But Ron is correct Odie can come up to me as far as my chest and not farther.

          Nan what you said about the republicans not convicting both worries me and makes me very sad. If this was honorable people they would fall on their sword before voting to allow this, to allow the greed of office to override what is correct and right for the country. I am sickened by what message this sends to the next republican president. How much do these people care about our democracy? It seems not at all. It seems we already are an olgarchy. They love their positions, their seats of power, their own fiefdoms, but they don’t care about our country and democracy at all. It is tragic, historic, and I cry rage for my country. Hugs

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