Dennis Prager: “They’re impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur”

For those that do not know Prager gets around 33 to nearly 40 Million a year from the Mercer family to promote far right ideas and causes in a seemingly educational manner. There is entire YouTube channel devoted to that effort. One of many the wealthy right funds.

CitationFrom the February 11, 2021, edition of the Salem Radio Network’s The Dennis Prager Show

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): The farce upon farce is continuing. There was no insurrection and there is no president. They’re impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur. Of course the riot occurred, but it wasn’t an insurrection. And if it wasn’t an insurrection, why is there a trial? So it’s based on a great lie. I played for you the first hour Tucker Carlson on Fox News did research into the five killed or dead — that’s what they always say – five dead. None of them were killed, except one by a police officer whom they will not name. And we don’t know why she was killed. She was unarmed and entering the building through a window, which was wrong. But that’s not a capital offense to an enter a window unarmed. So it’s interesting, to say the least. We’re living in a make believe world. A make believe world that the left creates of hysteria after hysteria. 

7 thoughts on “Dennis Prager: “They’re impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur”

  • And the right creates is BS from lie upon lie. Made me laugh to see Tucker Carlson mentioned as an expert on the event. It was a riot but not an insurrection. Has he also been paying the same amount of attention to the videos that certain Republican Senators have,?

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    • Hello David. I have been watching the videos of the trial and the analysis of it on different stations. However sadly the right wing media has not been following it / showing it. When it started to look really bad for tRump Fox stopped airing it and changed to their own programing. So when people call in to C-Span to comment the right wingers have no real idea what has happened and of course they get their news all wrong. I love that they are going to have witnesses, and boy did tRump’s lawyer get outrageously disrespectful. Hugs

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  • And how does this mouthpiece account for Officer Sicknick’s death?

    “Entering through a window?” There are lows about breaking (the irony!) and entering.

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    • Hello Rebecca. I agree. She was clearly with a group that was somewhere they were not allowed to be, they had just forced their way into the building to that point. The clearly meant to harm the people working there. The woman was shot climbing through a window to gain entrance to the hallway where the congress people were seen hardly minutes ago. That is why she was shot Mr. Prager, she was a clear and present danger to our elected officials.

      Have you had any opportunity to read any of his other videos? They are slanted and disingenuous, but sadly often quoted by less informed right wing people. Hugs

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Yes the man that has a fake university who promotes all things right wing neglecting to tell people he is paid millions to do so has to pretend he himself is not a totally fake. Hugs

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