14 thoughts on “People in charge see schools as daycare, a place to park kids so the parents can work for the system

  • We know that school is not simply a daycare facility, but we should now be able to recognize the need for daycare down here in the paycheck-to-paycheck economy.

    We may as well blame Biden now.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I agree. Day care is not a joke and it is seriously needed for the working class. The wealthy all have people to raise their kids but freak out at the idea of working people having any assistance at all for caring for their children. I really think the wealthy upper class would be happy with child labor again, putting kids to work instead of school. A few years ago I heard a person running for a school board say kids only needed enough schooling to learn how to work, and schools should be teaching kids skills to join the work force as soon as they get out of school. While I can see teaching trades I do not think he was saying that.

      As for opening schools, the big hang up is teachers want to be safe which we have been told means vaccinations. Yet they were low on the list. Then states wanted to push them into classrooms anyway. Now the CDC says that it is OK for teachers to go back with out the vaccinations. So the teachers and others are wondering if it is safe to do so?

      I know that some kids need more school help than others. Some students do need in person extra help. However not all do. Some students do fine with remote learning, with using a display screen and reading / watching lessons. So I think we should employ both methods and use them as needed. We need as many tools in the education tool box as possible. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie. Good points. In most households today, two incomes are necessary to keep a family going. I have seen people scramble to make schedule changes, find a sitter, or whatever they have to do for just one snow day at school.

    I think that by now politicians and businesses should have recognized that this is a basic need and not a frivolous ‘perk’ for liberals. My mistake: any money spent on taxpayers is frivolous.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I agree. They do not see any needs of the poor or the working class as important. Their needs are met so they don’t care. Really. I have been doing a lot of listening to Republicans talk about the Covid relief bill and they always come back to it gives money to people who don’t need it, the lower class, the lower incomes, and the poor. The money they argue needs to go to businesses … same old Republican nonsense. They feel the working people have been given enough and ( this sent my blood pressure up ) if you give the workers and lower incomes money it will only over heat the economy. Can not have those people buying things they need or want I guess. Remember the wall street investor complaining that regular people were taking their government money and investing it, how dare they do what he was doing. He actually said it was not their job to invest, it was for people like him. These people are tone deaf. Or convinced that they are allowed now to say the quiet part out loud. The wealthy as a class in the US really distain and dislike the non-wealthy. Hugs

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    • Hello Cagjr. Great idea. I am also interested in what other countries do for childcare. Countries need workers and they need people to produce the next generations. In other developed countries the government serves the needs of the people to further the well being of everyone. In the US the government serves the whims of large corporations for the benefit of the wealthy only. I wish the people in our country would open their eyes and vote their interests. Hugs

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  • During World War II, free daycare was provided to enable women to work in the war effort. It is odd that today when few people have jobs that provide an income sufficient that only one parent needs to work. Every effort to pass daycare (childcare) legislation never comes to a vote, it seems.

    Tucker Carlson, with his display of disconnect from reality, once stated that he could not understand why a woman would prefer to pledge her soul to a corporation rather than raise her children.

    It is a concentrated effort by conservatives to do everything they can to keep the masses at a poverty-level existence. No healthcare. No daycare. No right to unionize. They do this while they turn the NLRB into a resource for management, remove all regulations from industry, demand arbitration in employment disputes concerning wages, safety, and healthcare among other things.

    I can only say vote blue. Support candidates if you can. We need to defeat Marco Rubio (heads up, Floridians) Chuck Grassley, and Ron Johnson. Pennsylvania has an open senate seat.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. I did not know that once free day care was offered, but it makes so much sense. I just found out that while Amazon fights tooth and nail here in the US to block / stop the employees from unionizing every employee in Europe and developed countries are in unions. It works, and there is proof it wont bankrupt the company nor put people out of work. All the negatives the company claims are made up to sound horrible to the average person. Again exploiting the workers to move all money to the wealthy is the goal. I wish people would wake up and realize how bad it is for workers / lower income in the US and yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Hugs

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      • It’s the same old story, Scottie. “Why should I worry/care about you? If you took care of your money, you wouldn’t be in such straits.”

        And the worker replies … “What money? Everything you pay me goes to someone else … like my landlord, the water company, the grocery store, the doctor, etc.”

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        • In the good days before Trump, some folks were working two or three minimum=wage jobs just to keep the lights on and a slice of bread on the table. It’s pretty hard to save what you don’t have.
          Now, a lot of those jobs don’t exist and the GQP resists giving any assistance to the desperate people. It is despicable that churches do not pay taxes but they get assistance.

          What area of the business community have to go before Congress to raise their fees and prices?

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          • Hello Cagjr. I have read that the justification for churches being tax free is because they are suppose to serve the public good. Feed the poor, help the needy stuff. Yet most churches don’t do that, and if they do it is limited, not on the scope needed for the country. I think it would be better to tax churches and ear mark the money to help programs for the poor and needy, it would help a lot more people. Also when churches help, they often preach to the people needing their help, that is not fair if that is why they are tax free. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. I agree. I read what I wrote to Cagjr and realized I did not make my self as clear as I should have. I meant to say every Amazon worker is in a union. So while it works for the company there and they treat the workers better, they scare tactic and do every nasty dirty trick to keep the employees here from having unions. I am tired of it Nan. Why should the people in the US have sub standard living / working conditions when these same companies give all the benefits and better wages to the workers in other countries, proving it doesn’t hurt them to do it. All so the wealthy here can gouge a lot more from the workers, can make them grovel for what crumbs they get. Here in the US the wealthy own the country and they run it, so they win everything. In other countries the people run the countries, so they get a share in the countries money. Hugs

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            • Hello Nan. Again I did not make my self clear. I wrote in the first reply to Cagjr that all workers in European countries were unionized. Then I tried to correct it and wrote that all Amazon workers were unionized. What I am trying to say is reports I have read say Amazon workers are in unions in European countries and Amazon still makes profits in those countries. So why the doom and scare tactics against Amazon workers trying to join unions here in the states? Because enough is not enough for the greedy when it comes to profit. I go hope the workers in the US manage to unionize like their European co-workers. Hugs

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