Trump Lawyer Bruce Castor Says The Quiet Part Out Loud in His Argument to Senators: No One Here is ‘Anxious to Have a Primary Challenge’

Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor pointed out that no Senators are “anxious to have a primary challenge” while defending the former president’s case — saying the quiet part out loud.

Castor was arguing that Trump was telling Jan. 6 rally goers that their representatives and senators have a duty to fight for them, adding that the former president encouraged voters to replace politicians who did not prioritize their constituents.

“Is it possible that his words could have been misunderstood? I suggest to you that is impossible,” Castor said of Trump’s rallying cries, adding, “The House Managers claim is that the President of the United States was telling the audience to get each other to physically fight. But that is not what the president said. The people who should fight, he said, were members of Congress.”

Castor then argued that the president was merely encouraging rally attendees to support challengers in primary elections who promised to fight for their principles.

“He wanted them to support primary challenges,” Castor added. “Now, nobody in this chamber is anxious to have a primary challenge. That is one truism I think I can say with some certainty. But that’s the way we operate in this country. When the people of a state want to change their representatives and their senators, they can use the electoral process. President Trump told his listeners that if their members of Congress wont fight for their views, then go back home and find others that will.”

Presumably unintentionally, Castor implied that Senators were comfortable backing Trump due to the certainty that they would not lose an upcoming election.

Many have accused Republican Senators of continuing to support Trump despite the insurrection due to the fear that they will lose votes if they agree to convict him.

Fox News Contributor Mo Elleithee also suggested that the statement was “a targeted message” to jurors, implying that Castor was reminding them that if they do vote against Trump’s best interest, they may lose their Senate seat in the next election:

This is the threat tRump has held over the Republicans since he ran, he can motivate his Qanon base against them if they displease him.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Trump Lawyer Bruce Castor Says The Quiet Part Out Loud in His Argument to Senators: No One Here is ‘Anxious to Have a Primary Challenge’

  • Scottie, to be blunt, that was a Trump threat. You cannot sugar coat it. The attorney was executing orders from his vindictive boss. Let’s see how many have courage to tell his boss that his illicit behavior warrants conviction. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Now we know that only 7 Senators had the courage to stand up to threats. But if they can not stand up to the threat of a far right primary, how can they stand up to the efforts of foreign government agents attempts to force them to vote in certain ways? What does this tell us about the US government that the people elected to the congress are far more concerned with keeping their privileges than upholding the laws and democracy? Really they get into the easy to do good paying job with perks and they are showing they are willing to do just about anything to keep it. We also know now that Republicans in congress are admitting that they feel laws do not or should not apply to them. Hugs


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