8 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The Republicans only care about getting reelected / keeping power and know the tRump base expects them to worship the tRump god who can do no wrong in their eyes.

  • Scottie, I just posted this on Kim’s blog, so let me repeat it here. I was watching conservative pundit David Brooks on PBS last night. He correctly noted that the defense never addressed the incitement leading up to January 6. These folks were there because Donald J. Trump lied to them and told them the election was stolen. He did exactly what many thought he would do after the election. Yet, the greatest disappointment is more Republicans did not tell this untruthful and corrupt former president that his claims were BS, as the attorney general did. We also should not forget Chris Krebs, the head of election security said this was the safest election in US history, and he also was forced out. Mitch McConnell thought it would all blow over, but he also is culpable for not saying what Rep. Liz Cheney said on Fox this past Sunday – Donald Trump lied to Republicans. Full stop. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. McConnell made a bad calculation I think. He had diminished a lot of tRump’s power yet by not mustering the votes to convict him gave all that power back to tRump. Now the party has to battle a tRump who sees himself as the head of the party and the king maker. McCarthy made a mistake also when he gave into Marjorie Greene and elevated her side over Liz Cheeney. Now the crazies have more power in the Republican party than the moderates do. I think the Republican party of tRump is fast sliding into being the party of Q crazies supported by head Q tRump.

      What do you think of tRump lawyer Michael van der Veen? He was angry, disrespectful, adamantly claiming falsehoods, argumentative, belligerent, and used a lot of word phrasing that tRump uses. He gave a good show to please tRump, and he gave the right wing media a lot of ammo / clips. Hugs

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  • Some really, really good ones! Also some rather “ho-hum” ones. 🥱😴

    I really liked the Clinton/Trump one! So right-on! And I snickered at the one of “you” and “Ron.”

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    • Hello Nan. There was a diverse selection to this group. Every time I was on the computer but too tired to think, I just started to save the cartoons / memes I seen in comment sections. It gave me a lot of ones to use. I just wish the ones showing tRump’s true nature could be put in front of him. The rage display would be tremendous. Hugs

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  • I love the one with ‘you’ and ‘Ron.’ I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow! We may be under 7-10″ of powdery, fluffy snow tomorrow, and that will just make it cozier. Everyone enjoy, however you do. We all deserve a nice day!

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    • Hello Ali. I hope you are safe and warm tonight. Ron is a wonderful craftsman, he can do so many things so well. But he doesn’t do electronic devices well at all. So it is up to me to keep everything electronic running correctly. Hugs

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  • LOVED the video game one, and it’s too right. When I play and am losing, maybe a few curse words, but I shrug and move on and try to do better, or laugh with friends over that dumb thing. I’ve seen men bust up controllers and hurl the worst language at the TV or the unfortunate sap on the other end of the headset. This is why I never really got into online gaming.

    Funny how I was just talking with someone over the same thing two days ago.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The whole gamergate thing was a disgusting show of misogyny. That some men have been given a pass on controlling themselves is one of the worst things about raising kids with the idea of boys will be boys. It is the same reasoning that females must be responsible for male sexual urges, so must females must be completely covered and chaste. There are more examples of this mind set. Yet men think themselves the stronger more rational ones. Hugs

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