TN GOP Bill Would Give Fathers (Including Rapists) Veto Power Over Abortions

A bill in Tennessee would require women seeking an abortion to get the permission of the father first. If he says no, she can’t have it.

It’s a gift to sexual predators across the state. Naturally, it’s the brainchild of Republicans.

State Sen. Mark Pody has previously filed bills to reject marriage equality, ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected, and tried to make the Bible the “Official State Book.”


Tennessee State Sen. Mark Pody


Now, SB 494 (and HB 1079 in the State House, sponsored by State Rep. Jerry Sexton) would give men veto power over a woman’s body, forcing her to give birth if he decides he wants her to cause her pain against her will.

At the hearing, if the man can prove that he is the biological father and that there is a “reasonable probability” that the woman would obtain an abortion, the court shall issue an injunction prohibiting her from terminating the pregnancy. Proof of parenthood requires only that the petitioner acknowledges paternity. A DNA test is not required.

If the woman violates the injunction by obtaining an abortion, the court may hold her in civil or criminal contempt. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

Congratulations to rapists all across Tennessee. Pody and Sexton, both of whom are Christians, decided to reward you for your future crimes.

This is what happens when a “pro-life” mentality overrides common sense, basic human decency, and any modicum of respect for women.

The bill, if it became law, would almost certainly be deemed unconstitutional, but that doesn’t matter to Republicans because they will pass anything in the hopes that a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court would eventually give them the victory they want.

14 thoughts on “TN GOP Bill Would Give Fathers (Including Rapists) Veto Power Over Abortions

  • I have seen this bill, or something very close to it, trotted out before and of course by a Repugnant.

    As I recall, there was no requirement that the ‘father’ would be required to participate in raising the child and he would have visitation rights. These are some sick MFs.

    When, if ever, we sort out who was responsible for the 01/06 insurrection, we will find the Christian Nationalists at the top of the list. Their close associates are the white supremacists, the Catholic church, and the GOP.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. There is never responsibility or controls on the male, but everything is piled on the female. It is more double talk toward the goal of control over females by males in everything. Some men really need to work on controlling themselves. Hugs


  • Our state passed a similar law a few years back. We were fortunate that our state Supreme Court overturned it, but they have better ways of writing these now, so it may not be so easy this time, since they’re writing another one. Also voter suppression laws. If anyone is under any delusion that you live in a state where this is not happening, please unburden yourselves, and make certain all your lawmakers know how you feel about it in no uncertain terms.
    It’s a shame so many people don’t pay attention to downticket elections (and that I’m likely preaching to the choir here, but oh, well; just in case!) but these things are exactly what happens while people are looking at the presidential tickets.

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    • There are some good points, Ali. State governments under GOP control are doubling down now on passing more restrictive voting laws. Governors, legislators, and attorneys general down to the county level can direct the national agenda. If they are intent on doing evil things, it comes to light to the rest of us only when we realize the damage they have done.

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    • Hello Ali. Keep preaching, we all need to hear what you said. The fact is a large segment of the male population thinks they have the right to not only control the cations / bodies of females, but that they have a right to demand how everyone else live. I get so angered over that mindset. If they want to act a certain way, OK as long as it doesn’t harm others, but they have no authority to demand others obey their church doctrines.

      As for voter suppression, do you find it weird that one major party doesn’t want people to vote? In a democracy one side doesn’t want people to vote. Of course it is because that party is a minority who are pushing ideas the majority of people do not want or believe in. Rather than change their ideas as a party, they will deny the majority the right to vote. again what a mind set in a democracy. Why do they do this? Because their personal fortune and power are what they care about, not anyone else. To keep or gain that fortune and power they must please the wealthy that support them, as the people do not. Rather than appeal to the people, they suck up to the wealthy donors. In the US we have to get people to vote and to vote their interests. Hugs

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  • Why I still live in Tn. I do not know. I am surrounded by ignorant, red hat adorned, shit eating grin wearing, gun totin, booze addled, sister fucking, repugnant, disgusting people.

    It is a shame our country has come to this. Everywhere you look the R horror show is on full display.

    …and they want to pass legislation. Who elects these people? Oh, now I remember! Why do I still live here?

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    • Those characterizations you listed are basic requirements for Christian Nationalist white supremacists, MAGA hat-wearing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte minions the GOP depend on. That is why neither of us listed education or intellect because that is anathema. Like religion, facts and reality do not play well in their camp.

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      • No, they have an inpenetrable wall to facts and evidence. Bounces off of them like a superball on concrete! They know what they think they know, and thats good enough for them.

        Facts, schmacts. Bigotry exists in many forms. Stupidity follows close behind.

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    • Hello ShellDigger. Sadly the Republicans have convinced their voters that they need to sacrifice their needs to provide for wealthy peoples wants. I got to say the Republicans don’t even have to work hard at it anymore. The voters that will vote R no matter what do not even care about the hypocrisies or clear double standards. But the state needs people like yourself to try to balance out and improve those knuckle draggers. Hugs

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      • Yes, exactly! How the R’s have conned the poorest, the least educated, the deplorables among us, generally speaking, into believing the super rich guys are going to do what is best for them, is the best con since the birth of religion. They will continue to vote R no matter what insanities the R’s expose of themselves. It is a mindfuck of the magnitude, it is difficult to wrap my head around it.

        Unbelievable… yet here we are.

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  • The reason the church wants to do away with public education and put it all in the hands of the church is that education is kryptonite to religion. They know Christianity nor any religion can stand up to scrutiny. I wonder if they plan a different curriculum for their own children.

    The more educated society becomes, the further religion recedes into the shadows.

    “It is advantageous for the ministers of religion that the people should not comprehend what they are taught. It is impossible for us to examine what we do not comprehend.”
    Fr. Jean Meslier, France
    Edited by baron d’ Paul Henri Thiry Holbach. Superstition In All Ages (1732) / Common Sense (Kindle Locations 1431-1432).
    Oppression of the masses by religious institutions is not a new thing.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I guess it is not a coincidence that other developed countries have better public educations and a lot less religious people than the US. Sort of shows how the two go together. Hugs


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