4 thoughts on “Is The State Your Enemy?

  • Scottie, I encourage people to read Michael Lewis’ “The fifth risk.” The deep state is maligned and what he discovers is the deep state are the folks who actually know what they are talking about. The seditious former president had a mission to point out that every one else was lying to mask his own lies. So, the media, the deep state, the Democrats, the losers and the disgruntled criticizing him are all lying.

    The problem has never been the people who take their jobs seriously and try to help. The problem that we should focus on is bureaucracy and unproductive regulations. Regs should be reviewed regularly and improved, enforced or eliminated if ineffective. And, we must guard against bloated staffs. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. This country has had a behind the scenes hard working career people making the country run and work properly. They have been maligned since the 1980’s as lazy and over paid. But the fact is they keep the country functioning and with little credit and always being attacked by one party or the other. Hugs

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      • An administrative state requires a personnel support system that enables a seamless change in leadership without disruption of services.

        I’m watching Rachel Madow as I try to respond to this. FEMA has delivered generators and diesel fuel to Texas and they sit idle because Texas officials cannot tell FEMA where to deliver them. The Federal bureaucracy is working, but Texas under the Abbot administration is not working. FEMA, by the way, has an “acting” administrator. A situation created by the Trump administration, which as we know, was dysfunctional by design. Their agenda was the deconstruction of the administrative state, according to Steve Bannon.

        The state can be the enemy, depending on who is in charge. If they are doing the business of the people, then we usually have a smooth operation. A democracy cannot work without an administrative system that serves to support the various branches or bureaus called for by the constitution. The state is not my enemy so long as it serves the people.

        Now, a sort of aside. I watched the coverage of the landing of the Perseverance on Mars this afternoon. As the cameras panned around the roomful of people involved in the operation, I saw people of all races, sexes, ethnicities, sizes, and shapes. An operation that took at least six years to put all the systems together. National Aeronautics and Space “Administration.” A functional bureaucracy.

        This is what the assault on the capitol was all about. The white supremacists, Christian nationalists, Republican and Trump supporters who drink the Koolaid and the instigator-in-chief very much intended to bring it all down. They are enemies of the state. Had they been successful, the state they created would be the enemy of all of us.

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        • Hello Cagjr. You mention their intent was to bring it all down. What would the nation they create, the administrative structure look like? We can see from the Texas power grid what happens when all regulation is taken away and profits are protected over people in unrestrained capitalism. Could science denying ideologues create and maintain a functioning country? One that could send a rover to Mars successfully? create vaccines in record time? Or would the country backslide into a backwards theocratic morass of competing sects trying to gain dominance over the largest areas, creating feuding religious domains forcing everyone in them to obey the ruling doctrines and fight crusading battles for the leading religious leaders? Hugs


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