21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about what to do in Texas….

    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I shared your story with Ron. He was stunned. I hope things are better now. Yes Beau is sensible, and I like he reasons things out. He can explain things clearly with out hyperbole. Stay warm. Hugs

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  • But I have to ask … who is “Beau”? Just someone that likes to express his opinions. Sure, people may agree with his take on things. but he’s nothing more than someone who enjoys sharing his thoughts in front of a camera. Sorry, Scottie. As I’ve said before, as opposed to you and others, I simply can’t get excited over him.

    To each his own, I guess.

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    • I did some ‘sluething’ Nan. He lives in Florida and has an interesting background. I’ve been intrigued by him for some time. He’s just so sensible and smart. I’d love to meet him! Just watch one of his vids – I think it’s this one. He gives good, practical suggestions to the people of Texas and then does some commentary. None of his vids are very long; he’s not prone to talking for the sound of his own voice. Just uber-smart. My kind of guy . . . :).

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      • I’ve listened to/watched a couple of his videos in the past. Obviously he appeals to many or he wouldn’t continue doing them. It’s not so much that I don’t think he has credibility (to some) — it’s just a personal preference. But thanks for the added info. 🙂

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      • Hello Carmen. Is what you found out about the same as I found? A lot I was able to gleam from his videos, but the rest I found on journalism sites. He has photographed a lot of riots and disturbances, protests. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Sorry but you are incorrect about his qualifications. He is a very well known investigative journalist, security consultant, high level problem solver / fixer, and survivalist. His real name is Justin King. I do not know all his background but I do know he has been high up in black operations and worked with some very connected people. He still does. He likes to come off as a country bumkin, But in truth he is highly educated and well traveled. He teaches classes in self defense and in situational awareness. All that said it is OK if you don’t like him. However at the same time as that mayor in Texas was telling his towns people off and calling them names saying they should not be asking the government for help and to take care of themselves, Beau had useful tips for how they could stay warm and take care of their families. That is why some of us do like him, he is intelligent, caring, and able to help, and he does. Hugs


      • He may be all that you say he is — but a little research on my part also revealed that he’s a convicted Felon.

        In 2008, he was “sentenced to 41 months in prison followed by three years supervised release resulting from his conviction on charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud, visa fraud and conspiracy to commit alien smuggling,” (https://www.hotelnewsresource.com/article31327.html)

        The defendant and his co-conspirators brought illegal aliens, mostly from Bulgaria and Romania, to work in the hotel industry in and around Destin, Fla.

        Of course my reasons for not liking him have NOTHING to do with this since I didn’t know any of it until today. I just don’t feel he’s genuine. Gut feeling, I guess.

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        • Hello Nan. Yes he did serve time, the charges result from a rescue operation he was part of. He has spoken a little of it. There was some things reported that he claims are not true. I suggest you read his own report on his arrest. Here are some quotes.


          Eventually, I was hit with a massive indictment with close to thirty counts for my alleged role in an international smuggling ring. We pleaded not guilty and took the case to trial. I sat in the courtroom and watched facts get twisted, lies be told, truth be proven a lie, and lies be proven true. I watched my alleged co-conspirators, some of whom I once considered friends, testify against me. The whole time, I sat and remained silent watching the wheels of justice crush out a narrative. I became a Zen master. What occurred around me was beyond my control. Every other witness presented a new prognosis. Was I doing 20 years? Walking out a free man? Who knew? By the end, I’m not sure I even cared. I had certain goals my attorney was aware of, and they had been met early on. At this point, if I fell on my sword, I fell. My attorney was able to get some charges thrown out, but by the end of the trial, a jury of twelve people who had been misled by the standard proceedings of a courtroom for a few days reached a verdict. I was found guilty on five or six counts, I honestly can’t remember and don’t care enough to look it up. In the federal system though, only the most severe charge matters, all other sentences would run concurrently. In this case, that was an Alien Smuggling charge. Given the number of aliens we expected the government to claim were smuggled, I was looking at somewhere between 37 and 46 months. I said nothing at my sentencing. I simply stood at parade rest and waited. My attorney advised me to expect between 39 and 43 months because the judge had a habit of sentencing right in the middle of the guidelines. He was right. I was given 41 months. I was ok with this, almost relieved. I never cooperated and never took a deal. With 15% off for good conduct and six months of halfway house I could expect to be out in as little as 29 months. It took a little longer than that, but never let it be said I can’t take a joke.

          Prior to prison, I was obviously anti-authoritarian and a radical, but I kept it hidden for the most part. After prison, I had no need to hide it. In many ways, the federal court system created the activist and journalist you know today. They forced me to take the time to analyze and create a plan. Before, I was an anarchist and I was a militant, but I tried to work within their system. This was especially true considering I was a military contractor and security consultant. I’m not going to address the conspiracy theories other than to say, no, I don’t work for an intelligence agency, but yes, that’s me in that photo taken around 2005. I’ll also say I wasn’t “at a meeting” with one of the most notorious US Intelligence officials in history, I was providing his security. You’re welcome. You should get some clicks off that statement.

          People often point out that you don’t just wake up one morning and become implicated in an international alien smuggling operation. That’s true. I’ve got a backstory to my backstory. I’m not going to talk about every job I ever took or every company I ever worked for. My reasoning is simple: I said I wouldn’t. I’ve been to some dark places figuratively, literally, and in my own mind. I’ve got demons. I think most people do.

          The person who convinced me to write this today did so by saying he didn’t much care for me, but he liked that I was consistent. That consistency comes from my past. Why am I so consistent in my opposition to ethnic cleansing? Because I’ve seen it. I know people whose entire family tree was wiped out. Why do I refuse to let refugees become the scapegoat? Because I’ve been with them the first time they walked into a Walmart. It’s really hard to demonize someone who tears up because of the abundance of food. Why am I so adamant about the right of people to fight any government not of their choosing? Because I’ve seen what governments do. All over the world, you can see people doing unspeakable things, behaving as monsters. As a monster in recovery, I can tell you they only do them because some authority has told them it’s legal or it’s their duty. It’s almost never a person committing a great evil. It’s a tool of the ruling parties acting out a policy of the governing body. You can have peace with all people, but only if you have war with all governments.

          Nan there was more interesting stuff in the article but these were the points that addressed his arrest and jail time. It is OK that you do not care for him. Even though I do not share your opinion of him, I do agree with your rights to have any opinion you form. But in my opinion his background and what he chose to do to help the defenseless and most in need is quite impressive. Hugs


          • I read his defense. As in all cases that involve crimes and arrests, there are always two sides to the story. It all depends on which one bystanders chose to believe.

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              • Hello Nan. What is an O between friends? 😀😃😄😎😍🤗

                I am struggling to stay up, I went with out a nap today, but I have reached the end. I am closing down and going to bed. It is 7:30 PM here, which is a record for not sleeping half the day. I am so tired I am getting nauseous. Be well. Hugs

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                  • Hello Nan. Yes, I have been able to stay awake for longer periods. Today I slept most of the morning but I think that was a sugar problem from my breakfast. But I went three days or maybe more with out a noon time nap. Sorry but the memory is not good right now. I drank a lot of coffee but was able to stay up until 8 or 9 PM. I have been getting up about 6 but that was better than at its worst when I was unable to get up until 8 or 9 AM. I still do not think it is a sleep problem but since the doctor did not call me for the study I will call them Monday. I hate the idea of doing a sleep study, but have to rule it out. Let’s hope I am at the end of the fatigue. Some times I would get so tired that even when I was at the computer all I could do was watch stuff, I couldn’t think clear enough to even answer comments. Reading was impossible. So I am hopeful. Hugs

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    • Hello Carmen. Please read my reply to Nan and the article I linked to. It is not all as it seems to be. What he is accused of was human smuggling, he has claimed it was part of a rescue operation to help the people in trouble and facing death. Hugs


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