11 thoughts on “Keilar: Texas governor blames winter power outages on windmills

  • I’m too annoyed to do much right now, and my emotions are all over the place. But if I had more energy (and didn’t weigh so much), I’d probably be jumping up and down like a five year old throwing a mother of an attention-grabbing tantrum and screaming in frustration.

    Repeated crap like this is why we’re the highest profile moronic state when it comes to our representatives (ugh).

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    • Is the state your enemy? The Texas state government is.
      What a pos, blaming the Green New Deal which is not even an official policy, for his own failed policies. Another example of Republican cavalier treatment of everything that affects the citizen. They no longer make an effort to govern. Abbott’s statement makes clear he dances to the tune of the fossil fuels industry.

      Are all Republicans like that?

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      • Hello Cagjr. I would say all Republicans and some corporate owned Democrats. For Republicans it is a part of the party doctrines. The Republican governing philosophy is “The government must always serve the wealthy upper class while never working for the lower income class”. The robber baron stage we talked about. The US is not a democracy as our politicians that run the government are bought by legal bribes by the wealthy and large corporations. The will of the people is cut off before it is even heard. It doesn’t have to be this way but people have to pay more attention to their right to vote and then do so. More people seem to think freedom is not being required to wear a mask than think the right to easy access to voting is important. I am lost at this point other than to keep yelling into the wind hoping the people will hear and the seeds of reason will grow. Hugs


    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I hope things get better soonest. This story shows how our elected officials are bought and paid for. Before trying to solve the problem, the first thing they thought to do was blame the competitor of their major donor, the oil and gas industry. It is more important to please the donors than save the people. I am really starting to hate, yes hate, the selfish wealthy US politicians. Hugs


    • Hello Polly. Yup, if you put the effort into doing things correctly they tend to keep working as they should. The sad thing Polly, is the Fox News viewers wont learn the truth and will believe the lies, and become even more anti renewable energy. It is sad that instead of fading gently in to the night the oil and gas industries have to keep poisoning the minds of people against the renewables. They know that their time is limited. Yet still they keep trying to get every dollar they can until the end. Hugs

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      • I was just about to say that. Yeah, these guys with their hands deep in the pockets of the oil industry will squeeze every drop of crude from the ground. When it’s gone, then all of a sudden they’ll come out with “Green energy is the way to go.” They won’t quit fossil fuels til they’ve sucked that pipeline dry, and then they’ll be like “whaa? No! I always thought green energy was a good idea. Look at all the jobs!”

        I actually spoke to a solar company today. Waiting to pay my taxes first, then I’ll decide whether I can get it done for the long haul. If my own state isn’t gonna create a reliable infrastructure to survive crisis times (and gamble with lives in the process), I’m gonna do what I can.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. I hope you are doing better now. What a week you have had. I agree that solar panels and a large battery are the way to go, not just for you but for everyone. I wish we could do that here, but the last time I looked it was going to cost $16 to $20 thousand dollars. We are older and I doubt we would get the money back in savings. Of course it could have come down in price. The good thing is we have the perfect wide roof for it, the bad is the hurricanes. So we bought a large generator that can run on propane. It is 8,600 watts. Huge. We need to have it hooked into the house electrical system, but if we need to we can run extension cords from it. We bought it right after the hurricane Maria. And have not used it yet thankfully. Hugs

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          • IMO, generators should be in every household. They serve as life-savers in nearly every emergency situation. They do take up room so people without a garage or some kind of storage place are at a disadvantage, but other than that, I think they’re as necessary as a refrigerator.

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            • Hello Nan. They make generators in every size imaginable. The problem in Florida after a hurricane can be getting fuel like gasoline. So we chose one that could run on both gasoline and propane / natural gas. Bought 6 40 pound tanks which under full load will run about 8 days / nights. Of course we wouldn’t run it at full load. I hope we never have to use it. One thing people forget is a generator must be vented, and never run in the home itself. Too many people die that way here in Florida. Hugs

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              • Our generator sounds similar to yours. We got ours at Costco — a Firman 7200W that runs on gasoline, propane, or natural gas. I’m not sure how many tanks we have on hand — probably about the same as you since, as you know, my other-half DEFINITELY wants to be prepared in an emergency.

                And we also hope to never need to put ours into action, but one never knows … Our concern is mostly that 8-9.0 earthquake they predict off the coast of Oregon. 😲


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