2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: We can put a rover on Mars, yet here on Earth …

  • Scottie, it is sadly bemusing that when things go awry, people in power have to first blame someone else to misdirect attention. Many infrastructure problems are due to avoiding remedial action to fix the problem years before. So, when a train wrecks because a bridge is eroding, politicians will say “how did you let this happen?” Infrastructure improvements get put off because of funding decisions and then crap happens like in Texas. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. What happened in Texas with their power grid was run away capitalism with politicians paid to promote deregulation. The oil and gas industry use to run Texas basically, and they still have an incredible amount of political pull. The infrastructure of the power grid could have been upgraded, and steps to insulate the power plants and equipment taken as they are in other states. It was only in 2011 they had the same situation after a cold snap and storm. However that would have cut into profits of the company so it was not done. The state could have required it to protect the people but that would have required regulations, which Republicans are trying to convince everyone only makes things worse, causes problems that don’t happen, and costs money needlessly. So the state of Texas opted to protect profit over people. The state again could have been tied into the national grid but that would have required them to play well with others, something it seems Texas politicians can not seem to do. Hugs


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