6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: It is nice to have a government trying to help instead of trying to profit from people suffering, well some of the government

    • Hello Keith. Yes the motivation is right, and there is room for disagreement with this administration with out being attacked and slandered. I do think it is a good start. My worry is that the Republicans think harming the country to gain political advantage is a valid governing strategy. The talk is that Fox News is returning to its original style of hate and disinformation bomb throwing to try to regain its standing among the deluded Q followers. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie;
    I have watched these last two dozen months, these last dozen days even more, with the uncomfortable realization that the two extremes of my nature have equal value right now. Between covid, racial hate, crazy republicans, snow in Texas, people out of work, hungry, kids finding suicide preferred to social distancing and isolation…. well, I don’t know whether to find my cabin off in the woods or go hug my “neighbor”.

    To all on the Toybox, I send my heart-felt hugs, hopes, love and … get off my lawn :). Seriously, get off my lawn!
    No, I mean, Seriously, everyone! Very scary times. Very real hugs!

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    • And, in regard to your thoughts: Definitely. Previously ‘he-who-shall-never-be-named-again!’ truly made it an “all about me” and seemed to completely lack the concept of “public servant”. Had a talk with my boss this week and he kept pushing this idea that the higher ups in the organization were “Support Staff”, himself very much included. The idea that he is there to make sure the people who do the work are most able, that WE are there making sure those who do the work are most able! The hands on people have to have what they need, have good morale, good home/family ratio, have good work environment. Dictators don’t care, and dictatorships rot from the inside and fail in spectacular fashion.


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      • Hello Randy. Your boss seems to understand the military model. It is the same thought, the upper chain has to make sure the troops have what they need to do the mission assigned.

        Did you see that ‘he-who-shall-never-be-named-again!’ has been made the CPAC keynote speaker? Three guesses what his speech will entail? How often will he claim he won? Hugs


    • Hello Randy. Brother these are scary times. But lift your eyes up to the horizon and see that better times come closer every day. The future is not written but the momentum is changing the world for the better. We need only form the battle lines, stand together and yes fight for the well being of society. We can do it, we must do it. Be well brother. Hey Limbaugh is gone, he will not add new poison to the well. That is a start. Hugs


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