2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Texas tough guys, Beto, and AOC….

  • I voted for Beto the first time. And was so damned disappointed he didn’t get it. I mean, I don’t particularly love any politician, but he felt more genuine than any other Texan leader in my lifetime (with possible exception of some minor reps that come around here and there who I can never vote for). It was a pretty close race and I was furious when Cruz got the seat. Other than religious reasons, who the hell even LIKES him enough to vote for him. Then again, when I saw it was down to b/w him and Dump in 2016, I knew the whole country was screwed. Cruz has been a punchline about his punchable face as long as I’ve heard his name. He’s dug his hole to China and is trying to dig the air now!

    I watched this several times, and I hope this whole storm situation wakes people the hell up in Texas. After that Tim Boyd twerp let down his whole city (and i hope like hell if he lost power, then he’s the very LAST to get any after all he said), I hope the people wake up and realize the Republican “leadership” is all out for themselves and just want power, they don’t care. The Dems, flawed as they are politically, don’t give a damn as to your skin color or poverty level, they act like true public servants and take the job seriously.

    I have my hopes for Texas, but a bunch of fears as well, because this whole country operates with a short attention span and dismisses details (which is why “leaders” get away with so much crap. I’m afraid in a month, maybe less, when the hubbub’s died down, the only folks who will remember how bad things have been and how screwed up the state’s response to it will be the ones who lost loved ones.

    Things are easing up. It’s almost noon here and the temp’s supposed to be about fifty degrees, crazy warm compared to Monday. I just hope in the rush to get back to “normal,” folks don’t make the mistake of forgetting.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Well Said, very well said. I also can not figure out why people so easily forget what their politicians do and say and instead fall for a cosplay act at voting time. Remember all the Republicans claiming they were fighting to save Obamacare back in 2018. I figure that is one of my jobs as a blogger is to remind people of these acts as much as possible. What is grand is so many viewers also remember and add to the knowledge. Hugs

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