12 thoughts on “POLITICO: Trump gears up for war with his own party

  • Trump has ALWAYS enjoyed being (needed to be) in the spotlight. Consider the number of available videos of him before he became president. So now that he can include that title as part of his “credentials,” is it at all surprising he’s going to return to the public world to feed and nourish his over-sized ego?

    I just wish the news media would IGNORE him! I mean, after all, we’re been saturated for the past 4-5 years with his idiotic shenanigans. Isn’t that enough???!??!

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    • Hello Nan. Sadly he wont go away and the media covers him because it drives viewers. Ratings. I agree with you it is not surprising he would want to stay on the center stage, and he has to believe himself the king maker. Even though more of the candidates he backed lost than won their races, he always claimed he was why people won. He is convinced of his superior intellect and desperate for others to believe in his self professed powers. Hugs

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  • I’m not much surprised by the number of sycophants still hoping some of the ‘orange’ rubs off on them. For somebody of Trump’s caliber to suggest that McConnel lack “political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality” is laughable. No. It is hilarious.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes but in the war for the soul of the Republican party , tRump is winning. There is no way to win a primary with out tRump’s cult base and sadly no way to win a general election with it for the Republican party. They go from not far enough to the right to way too far to the right. As long as tRump controls the base and wants to play king maker, the establishment or classic Republicans have no choice but bow to him and kiss his … Hugs


    • Hello Keith. I heard a person say today that the Republicans feel they can not win a primary without tRump’s base followers and that they also feel they can not win a general election if they do have them. In other words during the primary tRump and his Q cult drag the candidate too far right to win during the general. As Nan says it is not surprising that tRump is frantic to stay in the spot light. However I think right now that tRump owns the soul of the Republican party. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I felt there was a war in the party for who would lead it and in what direction. I thought Moscow Mitch was winning. I now think he lost almost completely. He had it. All they needed was to convict tRump. He let that go thinking he could have it both ways. Notice the Republicans on the Sunday shows. The best dancers I have have ever seen. Also great at writing fictional history. Hugs


      • No huevos.
        Many of the Republicans think Trump is Christ Incarnate. How can they overcome that garbage? Many still need the support of the church and white supremacists and have no trouble continuing the lie of the stolen election. They still defend Trump and his attempted coup.

        Matt Gaetz and Steve Scalise should be under professional supervision. None of them have the self-awareness to recognize what they are saying, or they simply have no shame. I suppose having their endorsement is important to Trump but he could care less about their political future. They are nothing more than cheap prostitutes to him.

        There are serious Republicans who would like to try to restore the party but they are having trouble speaking up. As soon as they speak out against Trump they are likely to be censured by their state GOP committees.

        Scalise said (yesterday?) that he was not concerned about voting against Biden’s relief deal because by 2022 the voters will not remember his vote. He blatantly declares his interest is not what his constitutes may need, but in his chances for re-election. That is the thought running through the party; how do I use this chaos to my advantage?

        I just got my mail. The cover on Mother Jones has a picture of Trump holding babies Cruze and Hawley, both with a Trump hair-do. Well, we knew where they stand.

        Maybe Justice Department activity in the next few months will clarify the situation.

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        • Hello Cagjr. The question is how do we change that idea that the voters will not remember what the Republicans did against them? How to get the poor white voters to vote for their economic interests instead of on their hatreds? Hugs


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