10 thoughts on “Cabrera: GOP suddenly cares about mean tweets, just not Trump’s

    • Hello Keith. I agree. But when is it more than the US people will accept? I mentioned that the right wing media is not even covering the controversies. The right wing, the Covid idiots, the tRump cult have no idea anymore what is really happening. How to talk to those people? They deny reality because they don’t want to know, are too lazy to bother looking things up, and only accept what pleases their emotions. I have tried to talk to them on LGBTQ+ and religious issues and hit a brick wall. I am tired of having the same fights we have been having since the 1860’s, the 1960’s, and now into the 2021’s. I was just reading about Monica Cole and her pretend 1 million mom’s war on moving from what she thinks the bible says on what is acceptable and how to live. https://www.joemygod.com/2021/02/one-million-moms-vs-nickelodeons-blues-clues/ How to deal with people like her over and over again. She will claim to be the victim when she wants to oppress others, force them to live by her doctrines. While the population is becoming less religious, the people who claim to be religious are much more militant, the right wing has become a cult, and the idea of live and let live is ground under the boot heels of thugs with rapid fire weapons. Hugs


      • Scottie, even though it does not seem that way, we are passed the tipping point on more acceptance. With that said, the bigoted folks are getting more airplay, as with social media it is easy to find hateful opinions. Many families have relatives that are LGBTQ+, even if not advertised to others. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I agree on the acceptance and that the louder bad mouthing gets more attention, but I was trying to use those examples of hypocrisy. Like the golden troll statue of tRump rolled into the tPac convention? How can any of the holy roller evangelical preachers condone this with a straight face, much less support it? Hugs


          • The “holy rollers” have long ago abandoned the core tenets of their faith in favor of supporting a skirt-chasing, biblically ignorant, foul-mouthed, lying individual. They are so blinded by their desire to rule, they close their bibles and simply run on pure self-interest.

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            • Hello Nan. Are you suggesting the collection plate matters more than any scripture? If so I agree with you. For most of these evangelicals, what increases their wealth and power is good and what doesn’t is bad. They are perfect Republicans. So what do you think of the golden troll? Hugs


                • Hello Nan. Do you think it was done out of praise of tRump or to troll him? It was made in Mexico. I do not think a wand carrying gold Nome is a complement. But what do I know? Hugs


                  • I guess it depends on who instigated the whole idea. But personally, I think it was intended to immortalize him. I mean, think about it. True believers in the Big-T are certain he was sent by heavenly forces to set the U.S. on the path to glory! They may be reluctant to actually “fall down and worship” him but maybe … if no one else was around …

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                    • Hello Nan. Well the Republicans are well known to be pushing the “in god we trust” into schools and mandating the saying of the pledge to the flag, how soon before they demand tRump’s picture or one of these statues in schools and churches? We must always be reminded of their Dear Leader. Hugs

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