2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz embarrasses himself at Merrick Garland’s hearing

  • Scottie, only the first line is needed in the title. A conservative pundit once said that Mr. Cruz was the least liked person in Congress. The pundit noted the eating area would grow silent when he walked in. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Sorry for being so late getting to your comment. I agree. I learned today that Cruz actually attacked a person on twitter for leaving the state during a crisis, then did it himself. WTF. The problem I see Keith is that all the people like Cruz and Hawley think they are entitled. They look down on the people that they sneeringly are to serve, but they also look down on other politicians they think are not as wealthy or corrupt / entitled as they are. They really have set it up in their mind that they are owed their seats, it is the golden ticket to power and fame, and they feel they should be adored simply for having that position. To hell with earning their seat by helping the people in their minds, the people better help them. Hugs


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