4 thoughts on “Cupp: Marjorie Taylor Greene is in Congress to get famous

    • Hello David. She is the type who thinks she is better than everyone else, and if you don’t like her then it is because she is better than you. So she can not conceive of herself making mistakes or being wrong. If she hurts you or your family you deserved it is her way of thinking. She really is a nasty piece of work and she loves to cause chaos. She will gleefully cause more trouble. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. Greene is one of the most powerful Republicans right now. She has the support and backing of tRump so McCarthy can not touch her or is afraid too do so. She got called in to the Minority Leaders office to be talked to and she did the talking instead. She clearly has more pull than Liz Cheney. Greene got a standing ovation from the caucus yet Cheney did not. So while I am sure they want her to go away, the Republican party of tRump is fully Qanon. tRump said at tRump PAC that he wouldn’t form a third party, why should he as he owns the Republican party that is. Hugs


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