2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The Republicans don’t care how much the people suffer as long as they can please their donors and enrich themselves.

  • Scottie, well said, but the Democrats are not without sin on taking money, although the Republicans have it down to an art form. I wish we could get all money out of politics, but it is too much of a profit engine. I would even borrow a DDE term and say it is an ‘Election Industrial Complex.” Keith

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    • Hello Keith. The title was not pointed at the taking of money but the taking it for what goal. Yes both parties fund raise and lobbying is basically legal bribery IMO. However one party is fighting to help people and make things better right now, the other is against that. That is the big why in my mind? I have several ideas, but I think it mostly comes from their idea of being above others and entitled to rule. Stopping the Democrats from doing anything to help the people will give them a way to take back power, but then when they have power they refuse to help the people also. The minimum wage adjusted for inflation would be about $24 dollars. So 15 is already a compromise, but the Republicans want no increase. The covid relief bill has money for states to help people, has money for schools to open, and when people have more money they can spend it, they can pay their bills which means others have more work and can get more money. It helps a lot more than giving money to businesses in no interest loans to prop up the stock prices. But again helping people is not the Republican goal. I do like your Election Industrial Complex, that is quick thinking.
      It is a danger to our democracy. Hugs


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