• Hello Nan. Really? I fail to see the comparison and would need them to explain it to me. Olbermann doesn’t deal in hate and hurt, he does use a large vocabulary to excoriate the actions of those he is talking about. Limbaugh gloried in the death and illness of others, championed hating / hurting the other, and appealing to the base emotions / nature of his audience. I do not see Olbermann doing that. I am getting super tired, not sure how long I can keep going here on the comments for tonight. I hate being this tired. Hugs

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  • I watched this and posted it to Facebook this morning. Democrats need to learn to play hardball. As for Joe Manchin, there is no such thing in West Virginia as a Democrat. Jim Justice also ran as a Democrat and switched back to Republican as soon as he was installed.

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    • Hello Cagjr. True, but Gov. Justice gave Manchin cover for raising the minimum wage by saying he was for it, that the state needed it, and the people wanted it. But still Manchin is fighting it. His wealthy donors do not want it. As Keith said it is not only Republicans that take bribe money from donors. Hugs

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