Republicans are not even trying to hide it now. We have to be aware and be willing to fight the radical right Nazi hate fest they are spreading.


13 thoughts on “Republicans are not even trying to hide it now. We have to be aware and be willing to fight the radical right Nazi hate fest they are spreading.

  • Scottie, people forget that Republican presidents used to not go to CPAC as it was too extreme. Then came the flag hugging former president who was the first. We need to spotlight hateful comments and actions as they are not right. And, if someone gives you guff, ask the question is it OK for a president to betray his country provided he first hug the flag at CPAC? Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Did you see all the Senators who stood on that Nazi symbol stage and preened for the crowd they hope will vote for them to be prsident in 2024? It was disgraceful I thought. The outright smirking of Hawley as he bragged about voting to over turn a lawful election, Cruz joking how he used his wealth to abandon his constituents rather than help them as they were freezing in the cold with no power. This was a sign of where the party is today, and these core base voters that the politicians feel they can not do with out. The cult base drives the party and they want the most thuggish corrupt hostile teenager acting entitled white guy they can get for president. The snottier the better for them. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie;
    I had to look this up. On the one level I’ve come to believe just about anything, but there must be a limit?
    My grandfather’s brother fought in that war, came back with pictures he wasn’t supposed to have of the one camp for which he was on the liberation force. We as Americans fought for what? Because Germany, who was our ally at the time, invaded the UK, France, or did we fight because of the atrocities of the Nazi regime? If I recall correctly, a ship of Jewish families fleeing the Nazi’s was refused by America. So, what were we fighting for in that war? I’m coming to think the history books were not accurate; that America has no issue on way too damn many levels about what the Nazi’s did. And that is a very concerning realization.


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    • Hello Randy. True and it is a shame on our country we did not give that ship of people asylum. Nazi ideas have been in the US for a long time. They were driven underground for a while, but like any ideology that can find people to follow it they worked their way back into the limelight. The high up believers who are pushing the Nazi part of the Republican party have worked for decades, for generations to work their way in, to gain new powerful members. Think of this, Matt Schlapp Chairman of the American Conservative Union, never addressed the stage shape, but went on the attack against anyone who mentioned it. He never called for the change of it’s shape, and easy thing to do. They wanted it known. It is far more than a dog whistle now. The base of the Republican party are racist, and the leadership are believers in Nazi philosophy. It is scary but look at Republican election laws in the Republican states. 250 new voter restriction laws and all designed to keep people from voting. Only well off white people should be able to vote is what this is about. No weekend voting in Georgia? How does that make elections more secure? All it does is keep lower income weekday workers from being able to vote. Very dangerous time right now. Hugs


  • I’m sure we wonder sometimes where outfits like Q-Anon get their ideas. Well. From history. History of the church.

    “Jews of Europe lived in peril. Christian councils forced them to wear badges of shame and reside in ghettos. Massacres happened again and again – usually after rumors spread that Jews were sacrificing Christian children in blood rituals, or that Jews were stealing host wafers from Christian churches and driving nails through them to crucify Jesus again.”

    Christian pogroms against Jews continued into the 20th century. Europe’s 900 years of religious slander against Jews branded them as a despised people and set the stage for the Nazi Holocaust.

    As historian Keisha N. Blain noted:
    “The failure to convict former President Donald Trump is unfortunate but not surprising. In effect, it reveals that violence and white supremacy will continue to shape American politics—as they have since the nation’s founding.”

    Project Blitz is a long-range plan to bring about a Theocracy in our time.
    This may be the scariest thing you see or hear about from the White-Right-Christian-Nationalist.

    Click to access Project%20Blitz%20Playbook%202018-19.pdf

    Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s chief political strategist and, after Trump, the most powerful man in Washington, once declared proudly: “I am a Leninist.” He was talking to a New York University academic who had written extensively on communism and the former Soviet Union. “What on earth do you mean?” the professor asked him. “Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that’s my goal too,” replied Bannon. “I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment.”
    The Guardian Feb. 6, 2017

    The overthrow of a government requires planning and patience. They have a long-range plan and they are patient. Christianity is leading the charge. Just as they have hi-jacked the GOP, they have also hi-jacked the church. Who is to say they are not Christians?

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      • Hello Cagjr. I would hope all the viewers here know about the Blitz project but if not that link is something they should read. Also more people need to be aware and fearful of The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Both are a death of our democracy. Hugs

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          • Hello Cagjr. I am glad I mentioned them then. They are just like Project Blitz but for capitalist laws and deregulations. They were formed by the Koch brothers. They have been a Republican juggernaut for years, throwing as much legislation out there as possible to over whelm the opposition and to progressively move the goal line to the right. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I can not argue with what you say. If you want to replace a structure with something different you must get rid of the first one. I just wonder when the US people, the majority, will rise up and insist that their wants and needs be taken care of. I am stunned by how easily the Republicans can just ignore the will of the people. The country is so rigged electorally that the minority have far more power than the majority and Republicans have no fear of ignoring the majority. I read about the way the Democrats power bases are in major cities and even though very spread out and sparse it seems that the Republicans represent far more surface land. But land is not people and we shouldn’t be voting on area, but that is the way the electoral collage and gerrymandering has left us. Hugs

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      • When will the majority rise up?
        There is a solid coalition between Republican leadership, Christian leadership, and capitalists. They coordinate their agendas. They are able to control the populace by maintaining racial strife, obedience to religion, and poverty-level wages.

        In 1680, Virginia passed the Law for Preventing Negro Uprising. One result of that law was:

        “The law separated the members of the lowest class (Negro slaves and poor whites) by color and lifted one above the other. The goal, as it has ever been since, was to offer just enough racial privileges for white workers to identify with their color instead of their class.”
        (Heather C. McGhee article in ‘Four Hundred Souls.’)
        The point was to put hatred between the whites and black workers using ‘white privilege’ to divide them. This practice goes on today, of course, because those other three entities fear most of all that there would be a cross-class coalition of the majority to rise up in resistance to the minority bigots.

        “It is certain, in any case, that ignorance allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy that justice can have.”
        James Baldwin

        Our Black brothers and sisters are more dedicated to the need for defending our democracy. We just need more White brothers and sisters to be aware that their rights are also in jeopardy. We need that cross-class coalition; the white Christian Democrats and all the minorities that are Democrats, all the religious groups that suffer from the same prejudices form quite a majority. If not the events of the past two months, what is the impetus that will stir us all?

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        • Sheesh–I’ve been way behind in the news the past week, but some weird feeling made me pull out my Rage Against the Machine CDs and start bellowing along the past few days (I can’t rap and I suck at singing, it’s the best description for “let it out loud to music” that I can think of).

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