4 thoughts on “No One Is Buying The Republicans’ Deficit Fearmongering Anymore

    • Hello Recall369. Thank you. Getting there, getting there. I am still tired all the time but fighting it. I am finally able to get to the comments, I love the comments and missed them when I was sicker. How are you doing these days? Hugs


  • Scottie, my former party no longer has the ability to tout financial stewardship as a virtue. Even the former Tea Partiers threw caution to the wind. The Trump Party is a party of conspiracy, lies and lawlessness in my view. They have chosen to be such. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes I agree. The Republican party have gone completely with cultural issues to make wedges between people. Republicans and the far right media prefer the cultural wars to helping people or making things better. I think it is because as a group Republicans do not really understand governing and running a country. It is not what they want to do, they simply want to be in power and make the rules to help themselves. Hugs


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