2 thoughts on “These Trump supporters are convinced he will be president again on March 4

  • Hi, Scottie. By the time I post this, you will probably be back in bed. hope you are feeling better.

    I was just reading Four Hundred Souls and Heather McGhee’s article on Bacon’s Rebellion. In 1680 Virginia passed a Law For Preventing Negto Insurrection. The law separated the members of the lowest class by color and lifted one higher than the other. They are both fighting for poverty-level wages and the slave-holders intend to keep them in that condition. Although the whites were no better off than the blacks, they had that little thing called ‘white privilege’. It was, and is, just enough to keep enmity between the races.

    And so it is today. Those poor miserable bigots cannot see that the GOP is using them, white against black. The ‘white supremacist’ views himself and his ‘privilege’ as the foot soldiers who will help dismantle the republic and install an authoritarian government in which they will be no better off than the blacks. They are so busy being white that they see none of the things happening in the real world. The thing that corporations, Republicans, and Christians fear is that these lower classes recognize this and stand up together.

    Will these poor misbegotten white people never learn?

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    • Hello Cagjr. I don’t know that racism is something you can teach out of people, is it? Isn’t it more of an emotional state? I think you also have to lack empathy to be a racist. How can you accept or even wish for others to be in a state of less than if you have empathy for people. I can not understand active racism, but I do understand many white people have passive racism, the low expectations of a certain group, that they do not even know they have. I have had people argue vehemently with me that white privilege doesn’t exist. That is because they just accept that that is the way it should be. So much is framed in other ways that I can now see was really a way to do back door racism. Certain words used casually as code words for some groups. It is time for it to all stop and be in the open. Racism is not just wrong, it is harmful to the individuals effected by it and harmful to the country as a whole. I wonder if the racists are afraid of becoming the minority because they fear they will be treated as badly as they treat minorities themselves? Hugs


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