13 thoughts on “Former QAnon believer shares bonkers conspiracy theory about Biden

    • Hello Keith. It is a shame how many families have been torn apart by the Qanon phenomenon. The idea of conspiracies’ being more important than loved ones is hard to understand, but I seen it with racism during the Obama presidency. Hugs


      • Scottie, it is sad. I do not mind pushing back diplomatically with a relative, but it need be off to the side rather than over a dinner table. I might say if I would be remiss if I did not share this with you….Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Maybe in the old days that would have worked. Today the people double down on any suggestions they are incorrect. They have been taught by right wing media and by tRump himself to never act weak, never admit being wrong, never apologize. Argue to the death and blame the other person for being fake or worse one of the bad people out to destroy the country. How to inform someone no matter how gently they are incorrect when they will scream fake news and lies back at you? Hugs


          • Scottie, not everyone will be exactly the same way. So, those who react the way you say are not wanting to listen. There are likely varying degrees of receptivity and lack thereof. The wise person will no when to back off. Keith

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  • I tried to reblog this Scottie but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.

    I’ve been blogging about the Qanon stuff as it relates to what happened with my mom’s own trip down this hole from hell. It has been my greatest heartache. Another media personality that provides a portal to this stuff is Dr. Christiane Northrup. She’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube too I think and is checking out other places to go to. She tries very carefully to use code words, and hand signals to denote specific words, like vaccine and covid-19 etc. as she has had some content deleted. Just wanted to include that name for those who are interested.

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    • Hello Zoe. I am sorry. I have the comments set that I have to approve the first comment and then the rest are automatic. Maybe you can reblog it now. Thank you for the tips, and I will look her up tomorrow. I am sorry about your mom. I will check out your posts on it. I struggle to deal with the radical right in people I just know, I can not imagine how hard it would be to deal with it in a parent. I have another friend whose parents watch Fox News non-stop. They now believe all that wacky stuff they spout and it is really hard for him to deal with them. If he tries to correct what they say they get upset or angry with him. Best wishes. Hugs

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      • Thanks Scottie. No problem. I might use this. Pretty down about it all right now.

        Yes, there is very little chance at all to input anything outside of what they hear all the time. Anyone outside the flock is the enemy. 😦

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  • There is nothing about these people that if you pass them on the street you could ever look at them and think “Q-Anon.” At least they seem to be free of that influence now. I don’t need to know how they got there in the first place. I’m sure it is good for some people to hear their testimony.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I was interested in why they got into it, and why they bounced out. But more than that I was interested in how it effected their families and other parts of their lives. It was sad, when they left the Qanon cult they lost family members who are still in it. It is just like a cult in many ways. We have to face the facts that we have a conspiracy problem in the US that needs to be dealt with. The fact that right wing media keep adding to the problem is another issue we need to address. But having a entire segment of the population divorced from reality is a danger to our democracy. Hugs

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        • Hello ShellDigger. I listen to several YouTube channels / podcasts from former Mormons / religious cults. They all mention how when they stopped going to church or told their families they were not believers in the faith anymore, the families that seconds before had loved them with all their heart shunned them. The parents and siblings chose their god over their kid or brothers /sisters.. I know that is the point of Abraham / Isaacs story, but still.

          I have a friend whose parents are in their 80's.   The parents read right wing media and watch Fox News none stop.   They now believe all the Q stuff and all the misinformation.   Antifa were the ones that stormed the capital, and tRump is a great guy who saved the nation and won the election.   He finds it hard to even talk with his folks these days.    There is now a gulf between them that there was not before even though he tries not to talk about this stuff with them.    Their entire world view has changed.    Hugs

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          • …only confirming that religion poisons everything.

            The whole right wing propaganda machine is much like a cult. That people can be taken in so easily is scary. I’ll bet you a buck fifty and a donut, a huge cross section of right wing propaganda drinkers are religious. The well has already been primed to believe stupid.

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