De Joy of Child Detainment



There is a difference between Donald Trump throwing kids into cages and Joe Biden keeping them in “shelters.” Donald Trump had a policy of separating families. That may not be the Biden policy, but what is Biden’s excuse for the thousands of children being held in these “shelters?”

Friday, White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said about the places where children are being held, “I would describe it as a place where we keep kids — who are under the age of 18 and taking a treacherous journey into this country — safe.”

Florida Senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott both chastised the Biden administration since one of these shelters is in Miami-Dade County. Rubio said, “Now it’s the Democrats who are putting kids in cages.” Marco, being one the dumbest senators in the Senate didn’t realize he admitted Trump was putting kids in cages. Rick Scott, who never criticized the…

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