4 thoughts on “Tea and Consent (british VO version)

    • Hello Nan. I got it off one of Beau’s videos. I guess it is taught in some colleges and schools. I find it really strange we need to teach people about consent about other peoples bodies? Really, maybe about borrowing other peoples stuff, but not their bodies. Maybe little kids need to be taught not to touch or kiss each other with out asking, but adults? College age people? Even high schoolers should know better. IMO. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Yes I guess I would. I think due to my past I am more aware of the issue than most.

          OT. I slept for a few hours, got up, read some, and now I am going back to bed in a bit. I think that qualifies as better than before. I mean I went to bed about 5 PM. Normally I would have slept until tomorrow morning, like I did last night, I slept 12 hours. Good night. Hugs


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