4 thoughts on “Your religion is not an excuse to violate others rights.

  • Scottie, well said. Being free to unfairly discriminate is different from saying someone should not be discriminate against. To take this one step further. How would said evangelical feel if a bakery refused service to someone who had an anti-LGBTQ+ message on his shirt? Or, deny doing a wedding cake for a heterosexual couple because they are a LGBTQ+ baker. Or, a Jewish deli refusing service to anyone wearing a cross?

    This is the bridge too far argument. It is OK to some to say my rights are more important than yours, except when the shoe is on the other foot. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I have suggested it is easy to tell if something is bigotry or religious freedom. Aside from all the other arguments just change the words they use. If you agree with the statement that a baker shouldn’t have to make a cake for a gay couple, change the gay to black and see if you still agree. A baker shouldn’t have to make a cake for a mixed race couple … a Jewish couple… a single pregnant woman … if any of these are bigotry and discrimination then they all are. To me it is that easy to show how it is personal preference on what the person likes, not a religious conviction.

      Also I really hate the idea of giving religious organizations money to do a state service and they then are allowed to discriminate against any one. Public money means treat the public equally or don’t take the money. If you open a business to serve the public you treat the public equally.

      I have had people try to tell me baking a cake for a wedding that is against their beliefs some how makes them endorsing the marriage. Nope. It means they sold a goods, a product, a cake. They made money on a cake. On the flowers. If I sell you a car and then you race it on the highway doesn’t mean I endorse highway racing. They were not invited to the marriage, did not participate, did not endorse anything. But denying to do it does make a public statement about who you think is OK or good and who you think are icky and bad. You are not promoting your religion, you are promoting your dislikes. You are saying my god hates the people I hate and I don’t want them to be treated like everyone else. IMO. Hugs

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      • VERY, VERY well said, Scottie!!! In fact, I just may create a post using some of what you wrote … if that’s OK? (No guarantees … but it’s a good possibility. Depends on my “workload.” 😁)

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